Tang Wei, Wu Xiubo promote 'Finding Mr. Right 2'

Domestic romantic comedy 'Obtaining Mr. Best' CompA singlent 2 premiered at Tsinghua College in Beijing.

Director Xue Xiaolu teamed up with the Movie's stars, Tang Wei and Wu Xiubo, at the Occasion.

The director says, the new installment is not a Adhere to-up to the Authentic Movie and will Inform a Distinct Account from the 1st A single.

Actor Wu Xiubo also talks about his Part in the Movie.

"Really I Write about some similarities with the character I Performed in the Movie, for Instance, we The two have a Dread of intimate Romantic relationship. But the Part is Additional romantic than me. I saw audiences Had been crying and laughing Although Seeing our 'Obtaining Mr. Best' Movies. I Believe this is the Greatest praise and honor to our Efficiency."

Continuing to covey Factors This kind of as warmth, blessing, alienation, and Adore, 'Obtaining Mr. Best: E book of Love' also Informs of the origin of Adore and why People Require Adore.

Veteran Hong Kong actor Paul Chun and actress Kara Wai also star in the Movie.

'Monster Hunt' director Raman Hui, Favorite actress Bai Baihe and Huo Siyan also showed their Assistance for the Movie at the premiere.

'Obtaining Mr. Best: E book of Love' opened the Continuing Beijing Worldwide Film Festival, and will Strike Huge screens on April 29th.

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