The Prodigal Son (1982)

 The Prodigal Son (1982)

Directed by Sammo Hung
Made by Raymond Chow
Leonard Ho
Composed by Sammo Hung
Barry Wong
Wong Jing
Starring Yuen Biao
Lam Ching Ying
Sammo Hung
Frankie Chan
Audio by Frankie Chan
Phil Chen
Cinematography Ricky Lau
Editing by Chang Yao Chang
Discharge Day(s) 1982
Nation Hong Kong
Dialect Cantonese

The Prodigal Boy (败家仔; lit. "Boy Ruining the Loved ones"), also Introduced as "Take No Punches," is a 1982 Hong Kong kung fu comedy Movie directed by Sammo Hung, starring Yuen Biao and Lam Ching Ying and featuring Hung in a supporting PArtwork. The Movie is Centered on the historical figures Leung Jan (Yuen Biao), Leung Yee-tai (Lam Ching Ying), and Wong Wah-bo (Sammo Hung). It Functions the mArtworkial Artwork Wing Chun.


Leung Jan (Yuen Biao) is a Youthful Guy in a wealthy family Residing in Foshan in the mid-1800s. He is a mArtworkial Artworkist Educated by two instructors in his Dad's Utilize. He has fought More than 3 hundred Instances in Foshan and won Each and every Battle, but unbeknownst to him, his Dad has arranged for his servant Yee Tong Choi (Chan Lung) to bribe Jan's opponents to Shed to him in Purchase to Safeguard him. This has Brought about Jan to Think that he is a Planet-School Battleer, but in Reality he hasn't even mastered the Fundamentals of kung fu and any Genuine Battleer could Quickly defeat him. Everybody Understands this but him, Providing him the nickname "The Prodigal Boy" At the rear of his Back again.

A single Evening, 3 of Jan's Buddies Go to a perforGuyce by the Lok Fung Lin Chinese language program Opera troupe. A single of Jan's Buddies is attracted to the Direct actress and asks her out on a Day Soon after the perforGuyce. She refuses, but he insists and even harasses her. She reveals herself to be a Guy, Leung Yee-tai (Lam Ching Ying), a master of Wing Chun. He beats up and humiliates Jan's Buddies.

Jan Problems Yee-tai to a Battle to avenge the insults to his Buddies. As Common, Yee Tong Choi tries to bribe Yee-tai to Shed, but Yee-tai refuses, Quickly defeats Jan, and reveals the Reality about his mArtworkial Artworks ineptitude to him.

Jan, desiring to Understand Genuine kung fu, asks Yee-tai to Show him Wing Chun. Yee-tai refuses For the reason that he Believes Jan would Most likely misuse it, but Jan has his Dad Purchase the Lok Fung Lin troupe and Offers himself a Career as Yee-tai's Individual assistant, insisting on Pursuing Yee-tai Each and everywhere Right up until Yee-tai agrees to Show him Wing Chun. This Goes on for 6 Weeks.

The Lok Fung Lin troupe travels to Canton. There, Yee-tai's Wing Chun Abilities are witnessed by Lord Ngai Fai (Frankie Chan), the son of a Manchu duke, who is also a mArtworkial Artworks master and is hunting for a worthy opponent. Ngai forces Yee-tai to Battle him. Ngai and Yee-tai are evenly matched Right up until Yee-tai has an asthma Assault. Ngai stops the Battle and postpones it Right up until Yee-tai is Healthful and Match for it.

It is revealed that Ngai is also a "prodigal son;" unbeknownst to him, his Dad has Purchaseed his bodyguards to Safeguard him from Anybody who May beat him in a Battle. On the other hand, their Procedures are Extra ruthless and brutal than the bribery Utilizeed by Jan's Mom and dad; they resort to assassination.

Throughout the Evening, Ngai's bodyguards and a Group of assassins infiltrate the Lok Fung Lin theater, massacre the troupe, and Melt away Straight down the theater. Yee-tai is Possessing Difficulty Resting For the reason that of his asthma, and he sees Lumination reflected Away an assassin's blade Via his eyelids and reacts in time to escape along with Jan. The assassins Believe they died in the fire, as does Each and everyone else.

Yee-tai Requires Jan to the Household of his mArtworkial Sibling Wong Wah-bo (Sammo Hung). With Wah-bo's Support, Jan Eventually convinces Yee-tai to Show him Wing Chun. Jan trains Below The two Yee-tai and Wah-bo; Yee-tai trains him in Wing Chun and Wah-bo trains him in freestyle Battleing.

Over time, Jan achieves proficiency in mArtworkial Artworks, but Yee-tai's asthma is worsening. Jan Requires Yee-tai Back again to Foshan to see a Medical professional. There, Ngai Understands that Yee-tai is Nevertheless alive, and he visits him. Yee-tai reveals that Ngai's bodyguards have been assassinating Each and everyone who May beat Ngai. The bodyguards murder Yee-tai. Ngai, horrified, has his bodyguards executed.

Jan Problems Ngai to a Battle. Making use of Each and Every thing that Yee-tai and Wah-bo taught him, he Guyages to beat Ngai.

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