"The Voice of China" Settles on New Theme Song

"The Voice of China" has chosen "Yi Yang De Shi", or "Same Dream", as its new theme song.

Earlier this month, "The Voice of China" started looking for new theme songs among netizens as they launched a brand new version of their show.

They finally settled on this song, because its lyrics tell the same story as the show, namely people from all walks of life coming together for the same dream—the dream of music.

The song "Same Dream" was created by newly-emerging Chinese singer Zhang Yunhui.

Yunhui started her career in 2008 and rose to fame with a single in 2011. She is known for her clear voice and poetic lyrics.

"The Voice of China" is a music reality show inspired by a Dutch show of the same title. It has become one of the top-rated shows in China since debuting in 2012.

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