Tickets for Beijing Int'l Film Festival ready for sale

Tickets for this year's Beijing International Film Festival preview sessions will be available for sale from 12 o'clock Friday.

Fans can be directed to the ticketing system by visiting the festival's official website.

Organizers say 500 films have been picked for audiences in Beijing, where about 1,000 showings will be launched in 25 cinemas and five universities.

Prices for each showing range from ten to eighty yuan.

This year's selections feature 20 themes including "China Story," "Window to Asia," "Power of Writing," and "Maiden Works."

More than 2,300 films from over 100 countries and regions have registered to take part in the screenings and award ceremony.

Cannes award-winning film 'The Lobster,' Oscar winning film 'Ex Machina,' and two classic Billy Wilder movies -- 'Sunset Boulevard' and 'The Apartment' -- marking the 110th anniversary of his birth -- are all on the screening list.

Meanwhile, Oscar winner Natalie Portman will headline this year's event, by displaying her self-directed film 'A Tale of Love and Darkness' to Beijing audiences.

Founded in 2011, the Beijing International Film Festival serves as a high-profile forum to enhance the interaction between the Chinese and the international film industries.

This year's festival is the sixth of its kind and runs from April 16th to 23rd.

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