Yes, Mada (1985)

  Yes, Mada (1985)

Directed by Corey Yuen
Created by Sammo Hung
Dickson Poon
Leonard Ho
Wu Ma
Composed by Barry Wong
Starring Michelle Yeoh
Cynthia Rothrock
John Shum
Mang Hoi
James Tien
Audio by Romeo Díaz
Cinematography Charge Wong
Distributed by D&B Films Corporation
Golden Harvest
Launch Day(s) 1985
Operating time 93 min
Nation Hong Kong
Vocabulary CantA singlese

Without a doubt, Madam (皇家师姐) is a 1985 Hong Kong Activity Movie directed by Corey Yuen and starring Michelle Yeoh and Cynthia Rothrock.

The Movie also Capabilities appearances from Dick Wei, Tsui Hark and the Movie's producer, Sammo Hung in a Little Part.


The Fundamental plot revolves Close to a Little microMovie That contains Particulars of a Team of villains Included in illegal Actions. The microMovie is in the Ownership of some petty thieves, While the Law enforcement are Searching for it to Show the villains guilt, the villains want it destroyed.


Without a doubt, Madam or Without a doubt, Madam! is also Recognised by Many Choice Names Which include:

Police Assassins (British Name for Digital video disc release)
Police Assassins 2 (Past British Name for VHS release)
In the Collection of Responsibility 2 or Without a doubt, Madam: In the Collection of Responsibility 2 (some Asian releases)
Awesome Cops (Past US Name for VHS release)
The Movie is nominally CompA singlent of the loosely Related In the Collection of Responsibility / Without a doubt, Madam! Movie Sequence. The Choice Names of this and other Movies in the Sequence can be Trigger for confusion. The Very first Movie in
the Sequence, In the Collection of Responsibility (aka Elegant Warriors in the US) also Experienced a release Below the Name Police Assassins and it also starred Michelle Yeoh.

In 1987, Cynthia Khan took on the Direct Part of female cop in the Movie In the Collection of Responsibility 3, which was also Recognised by the Name Without a doubt, Madam 2.

Also in 1987, Yeoh Came out in the Movie Magnificent Warriors which Experienced the Choice Name Without a doubt, Madam 3. This would be the Finish of Yeoh's involvement with the Sequence.

In 1989, In the Collection of Responsibility 4 was Unveiled, directed by Yuen Woo-ping and starring Cynthia Khan alongside Donnie Yen. British and US distributors Additional Additional to the confusion by dropping the "4", releasing it as In the Collection of Responsibility. It was also Recognised by the Name Without a doubt, Madam 4.

The A single Continuous in all of the subsequent Movies was Khan, and Additional Name cross-overs Happened in this vein. In 1995, Khan Came out in a Totally new and un-Associated Movie with the Name Without a doubt, Madam!. In 1996, she Came out in In the Collection of Fire III, which was also Recognised as Awesomecops, Police Assassins 2 and 'Without a doubt, Madam 5 Among other Names.

As a final point, Michelle Yeoh also Came out in the Jackie Chan Movie Police Account 3 (aka Awesome Cop), and the semi-sequel / spinoff When a Cop, which was also Recognised as Awesome Cop, Awesome Cop 2 and Numerous other Names.

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