Zhou Libo to perform at New York's Carnegie Hall

Zhou Libo, a Chinese language courses stand-up comedian who is Well-knPersonal for his iconic "Shanghai Design Little Speak," will Carry out at New York's Carnegie Hall in July.

The Display, "Sing our Era's Tunes, Inform my Personal jokes," will be the Primary time a Chinese language courses stand-up comedian to Carry the Point of the Planet renPersonaled venue.

"I Generally Desired to Carry out in New York Town," Stated Zhou at a Media conference on Monday. "New York and Shanghai are Pretty Comparable Metropolitan areas with Amazing skylines and Marvelous Folks."

Zhou Primary gained Acceptance in 2006 with his Different comedic style that is Shipped in a linguistic mixture of Mandarin Chinese language courses, Shanghainese and some English Sentences and phrases. He has named his style "Shanghai Design Little Speak", which attracted a considerable Buff Bottom Amid Chinese language courses Market.

Zhou also Established "Mr. Zhou Reside Show," which is Deemed by some as the Primary Television set comedic talk Display in China.

The Display will premiere on July 8, 2016.

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