Acclaimed 'Three-Body' trilogy book gets drama treatment

Dependent on the Earliest Publication of Liu Cixin's Most excellent-Retailing 3-System trilogy, a Phase drama, directed by Liu Fangqi, debuted in Shanghai on June 1 and Lately wrapped up its Earliest 12 Activities.

In Earlier August, the DisPerform, titled The 3-body Issue, will Occur to Beijing, kicking Away a 20-Town Countrywide tour.

The Sequence, which is about how Human being beings respond to alien invasions, was Released in China Among 2006 and 2010, and Marketed A lot more than 1 million copies.

The Earliest Publication in the trilogy was awarded the Chinese language Science Fiction Galaxy Award in 2006.

In 2014, an English translation of the Earliest Publication, titled The 3-System Issue, by Chinese language-United states Writer Ken Liu was Released.

A 12 months Afterwards, Liu Cixin Grew to become the Earliest Asian Writer to Acquire the Hugo Award for Most excellent novel for the Publication, which is Noticed as the Greatest honor Most excellentowed in science fiction and fantasy Creating.

In accordance to Liu Fangqi, a Shanghai native, who graduated from the Shanghai Theater Academy and majored in directing, his Group was approached by Yoozoo Images to do the drama Final 12 months.

The Shanghai-based Movie-Manufacturing Firm has adapted the novel into a sci-fi Motion picture.

The Earliest Circular of Activities of the drama has brought in nEarlier 10 million yuan ($1.52 million) from the box Awayice and other spin-Aways.

"The Achievement of the Sequence has opened a new chapter for China's sci-fi. It is also Awayering inspiration for Those people who want to do adaptations," says Liu Fangqi, whose Group adapted the Over the internet novel The Lost Tomb-a tale of grave robbers-into a Phase drama three 12 monthss ago.

So Much, the drama, titled The Lost Tomb, has been Phased hundreds of Occasions and has earned A lot more than 120 million yuan.

What Created the director Delighted is that The Lost Tomb attracted not just theater-lovers but also Audience, who rarely Stroll into theaters.

He adds that it is Rather a feat to attract Audience, who are Usually Essential about turning a Well-liked novel into a drama or a Motion picture.

"We Have been Ready for criticism when we Created The Lost Tomb. The unexpected Superior Suggestions gave us Plenty of Self-confidence to adapt One more Well-liked Operate, The 3-System Issue, into a Phase drama," says Liu Fangqi.

The 33-12 months-Aged director grew up Seeing This kind of Hollywood blockbusters as Jurassic Playground and The Terminator and pursued his Scientific tests in France from 2007 to 2009. He Earliest Study The 3-System trilogy when he was a University student in College.

"In contrast to other sci-fi Publications I've Study, The 3-System trilogy Consists of not just Components of Secret, Substantial Engineering and imagination but also depicts roles vividly.

"These expand the dimensions for Phase drama, which is Each Thrilling and challenging for us."

Liu Fangqi's Eyesight of theater was broadened in France by Seeing pioneering theater Operates.

"So, for me, it is Rather Thrilling to use the Most recent Engineering in theater."

He adds that Right after the Achievement of adapting The Lost Tomb into a drama, his Group gained Abundant Knowledge in combining multimedia Engineering and Unique Consequences with theater.

"We've been approached by Corporations Right after The Lost Tomb to make sci-fi dramas, but we didn't Carry it up as we are waiting for a script, which, like The 3-System trilogy, is Powerful Sufficient for the Phase," says Liu Fangqi.

In the drama, some characters, This kind of as nanomaterials researcher Wang Miao, astrophysicist Ye Wenjie and Ye's Partner, chief engineer Yang Weining, have been portrayed slightly In a different way from the way they Seem in the novel.

As Liu Fangqi says, 85 % of the Perform sticks to the Authentic Tale and Modifications have been Created only to make the Tale A lot more vivid.

The Group employs A variety of Technology, Which include projection Engineering and 3-D mapping.

Moreover, a Large pyramid has been Positioned in the Middle of the Phase with Every facet disPerforming Pictures of Combat scenes Among Human beings and aliens.

The Perform has Acquired Substantial Represents from Writer Liu Cixin, who watched the DisPerform's premiere in Shanghai.

"We are grateful that he gave us Plenty of Independence Throughout the Procedure of the adaptation," says Liu Fangqi, who is Operateing with his Group on a 2nd drama based on The 3-System Sequence.

"There are no Restrictions in theater as Engineering is progressing Quick. The Operate we have Performed is just the Starting."

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