Beggars' Sect of The Legend of the Condor Heroes

The Beggars' Sect (丐帮) is featured most prominently in Functions of Wuxia fiction by writers This kind of as Jin Yong and Gu Lengthy. The sect is also featured in Well-liked Society as Properly, This kind of as in Hong Kong martial arts films and other Types of Mass media.

As its Identify suggests, the People are Typically beggars but they are also non-beggars as Properly. They are noticeable by the Community for dressing and beGetting like Regular beggars. The People are characterised by their Rigid code of Perform and respect for ranks. They uphold justice and Aid the Bad. They also defend their Country and race from Overseas invasion as Properly. For Instance, in Return of the Condor Heroes,
the Beggars' Sect plays an Vital Part in defending the Town of Xiangyang from Mongolian invaders.

Apart from, the sect has a Broad Connection System and its People are reputed for Getting Great Facts-gathering Expertise. These are attributed to the sect's Big Populace Sizing, the Dynamics of People which Permit them to Mix in Quickly and the organisational Framework.

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