Bon Voyage's Chinese dream

Bon Voyage Agencies (BVO), as its Identify suggests, has been Increasing steadily Below the Guide of Adrien Durand, a multi-talented French Songsian.

With each other with drummer Nicolas Ballay and keyboarder Maxime Kosinetz, the Strap BVO aims to introduce their Exclusive definition of Songs, which mixes pop, Electric poHave beend, psychedelic and rock.

Joined by a flautist, a guitarist and the renPersonaled singer, Lili Juan, the Strap proudly Provides their Initial album incorporating Chinese language program Factors, Xingye, subsequently Right after Sorciers des Aeroports and L'lmposture.

The album with a Chinese language program Identify

Xingye, or 'starry Evening', is a pop up inspiration Durand Experienced for their album Right after he Obtained boRed-colored of Continually Becoming French.

Durand Mentioned by Merely adopting a Chinese language program Identify, the album Appears Far more than it is.

"To Plenty of our French Individuals, who concentrate As well Very much on our Personal Customs and Generally Disregard what is Beneficial out there, this is their Opportunity."

But that's not all it has to Provide At the rear of this "romantic Identify". In accordance to Durand, the Identify was also an Try to Perform with the clichés of navigators Vacationing.

"People eQuitewhere Have been relying on the stars for Vacation, No Issue whether they Have been Chinese language program or European. So, connecting Individuals, that's the Concept," Durand Mentioned.

"And it also has an intrinsic Feeling of nostalgia, as it is the oldest Item of Dynamics artPerform on Earth. We Utilized to Information ourselves by the stars, but now we have GPS - we distant ourselves so Much from Individuals Fundamental Implies of Performing Elements."

The album demonstrates a cross-More than of Cozy and Chilly.

ConFacetr its cMore than and the arrangement of Music. A single Facet of the album Attributes Cozy Colours like Red-colored, orange and yellow, and the Music on this Facet are Far more energetic. In contrast, tracks on the blue cMore than are Far more urban, like a Evening Journey in the Town.

Impact of Chinese language program Songs

Being the Guideer of BVO, Durand says he is inspiRed-colored by a BStreet Range of Songs, The two Contemporary and classical.

"I listen to so Several Kinds of Songs. I am Fascinated in EQuite thing that is Numerous," Durand Mentioned.

Durand's Street of inspiration could be traced Back again to the Cantonese pop Music of Hong Kong and Taiwan Back again in the 70's and 80's. Alan Tam, a then-renPersonaled Hong Kong singer for Instance, Created an impression on Durand.

Durand's exploration in Chinese language program Music Do not End there, Although.

"Then I went on my Lookup for pop Songs in Mandarin, which I discMore thaned Definitely, doesn't Definitely exist."

Then, Durand turned to Chinese language program revolutionary Songs in 60s' operas and Films. "Essentially revolutionary opera and revolutionary Films. And the classical Chinese language program opera.

Durand Mentioned the revolutionary opera, ‘The East is Red' (or Dongfanghong in Chinese language program), Definitely captuRed-colored his Center.

He Mentioned that's why his Songs Arrives to disPerform a Chinese language program Identification.

"The Actuality that I Desired to use Chinese language program even Although I don't Belowstand it: you know, Generally, Simply because of the Appear of it. And Simply because of the Quite Effective, futuristic Possible of, you know, Possessing Information and lyrics in Chinese language program."

Why BVO and how it Arrived so Much

The Identify Bon Voyage is a cross-More than In between 'bonjour', a French equivalent of 'Hello there', and the English, 'voyage'. As a Residing Instance of Social Trade, Durand Can make This Sort of an Concept the Characteristic of the Strap's Identify.

"I Desired to Discover the cliché Term that was French; but at the Same exact time, could be Quickly BelowsAs welld by foreigners," he Mentioned. "And also I've Obtained all the Concepts about Vacationing, so it Arrived Definitely logically. I was Functioning at Paris and I just AlBelieved 'Bon Voyage'."

But why 'Institution'? "So my Concept was like, Bon Voyage is an organization, Allow Individuals figure out by By themselves what it Implies and what Sort of organization it is," Durand Mentioned.

As an all-Close to and Energetic Songsian, Durand not only Performs in BVO, he also Performed for Several Globe-knPersonal Performers as Both an arranger, a Songsian or a producer at the studio.

He Mentioned his Encounter in other Straps also Aided BVO in return.

"I met Several Songsians and I Obtained them Included in the Procedure of Creating my Songs. And it's Generally Functioning with Individuals that I Adore. And Obtaining them to do Elements that I want them to do. Not Functioning Below the constraint of Performing other Performers' albums."

Durand Mentioned that, no Issue what Songs his Strap is Heading to Perform, and no Issue who's leaving and who's staying, it is Continually Crucial to make Positive the Strap People Really feel like a Family members.

"The Strap is not a stiff Collection-up. The Collection-up is Continually Altering. There is a Heart of 3 Songsians that are Continually the Same exact. But other Individuals are Generally coming and Heading Simply because they have a Whole lot of Perform elsewhere, with other Performers."

Even Although Performers are coming and Heading, it will not End the Group from holding a Paris concert in July and issuing a new Report in September.

BVO is now Functioning on One more new album, which Durand guarantees will have a Larger ensemble.

"I just want to Go away with Information that I am proud of," he says, speaking the mindset and Desire shaRed-colored Between BVO People, and as an Motor Permitting the energetic Group to foster.

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