Bulgarian art exhibition promotes cultural communication

A Bulgarian Skill exhibition at the Beijing Words and Traditions College hosted the President of the Countrywide Assembly in Bulgaria, Tsetska Tsacheva, on Wednesday.

The President's Travel to to the BLCU is A single of Numerous Prepared in China aimed at Social Connection In between China and Bulgaria, which is a Significant Occasion Throughout the China-EU Large Degree People today-to-People today dialogue.

Tsetska Tsacheva Mentioned she appreciated the Skillwork of Professor Plamen Legkostup, Board Chairman at the College of Beliko Tarnowo's Confucius Institute, and expressed her Wish to deepen the friendship and Social Trade In between the two Nations.

"The Professor Plamen Legkostup's paintings have Conventional Bulgarian Design, Even though fused Chinese language courses Components as Properly, which are the reflections of the Connection and fusion of Chinese language courses and Bulgarian cultures," Tsetska Tsacheva Mentioned.

The exhibition, titled "Impressions of Civilizations", has 49 paintings by Plamen Legkostup on Show, Which includes prints, Personal computer Pictures and acrylic paints. Many pieces Have been Made by Plamen when he was travelling in China. Dedicated to Skill for Much more than 30 Many years, he has exhibited his Functions in Numerous Nations Which includes GerNumerous, France and Russia.

Li Yuming, the Beijing Words and Traditions College's pSkilly secretary, Mentioned the Skill exhibition was a meaningful and Efficient way to bridge friendship and Connection In between the two Nations. "We welcome Much more Bulgarian Specialists coming to China and Stimulate Much more Chinese language courses scholars go to Bulgaria to Carry out Trade Applications."

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