Characters of The Book and the Sword: Gratitude and Vengeance

 Characters of  The Book and the Sword: Gratitude and Vengeance

Principal Protagonists and Antagonists

Chen Jialuo (陈家洛) – the main protagonist of the novel. He was a disciple of Yuan Shixiao and was 1st Launched in the novel as Getting the Head of the Red-colored Flower Community. He was Commonly dressed up formally and Introduced himself as a Youthful nobleman.

Huo Qingtong (霍青桐) – the daughter of the Islamic Uyghur tribe’s Head. She 1st met Chen Jialuo who Aided her Heal the Qu'ran which Experienced been stolen from her tribe. She was an Professional in martial arts as Nicely as a resourceful Army tactician.

Princess Fragrance (香香公主) – her Genuine Identify was Kesili (喀丝丽) and she was the Youthfuler sister of Huo Qingtong. She was in Adore with Chen Jialuo but was captured by the Qianlong Emperor, who Pressured her to be his concubine. She agreed but when she Found out that he was Heading Back again on his Term, she committed Committing suicide to warn Chen Jialuo.

Qianlong Emperor (乾隆皇帝) – the Guideliner of the Qing Empire. He was a Qualified emperor who Wanted to be remembered in Background as a Smart Guideliner. He oppressed the Men and women Below his Guideline and persecuted the Red-colored Flower Community. He was revealed to be Truly the elder Sibling of Chen Jialuo.

Fu Kang'an (福康安) – the illegitimate Boy of the Qianlong Emperor. He bore a Comparable Look to his uncle Chen Jialuo. He was Used hostage by the Red-colored Flower Community who Utilized him to force Qianlong to Appear to a truce with them.

Li Yuanzhi (李沅芷) – the daughter of a Army officer Identifyd Li Kexiu (李可秀). She was in Adore with Yu Yutong but he Normally gave her the Chilly shoulder. In the direction of the Finish of the novel, Yu Ultimately Genuineised that she Actually Adored him and they Have been married happily.

Zhou Qi (周绮) – the daughter of Zhou Zhongying. She was Initially at odds with Xu Tianhong and Usually bickered and argued with him. On the other hand, Equally of them managed to escape Passing away With each other and Shaped a Near Relationship This kind of that they Have been Sooner or later married.

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