Characters of Sword Stained with Royal Blood

 Characters of Sword Stained with Royal Blood

Primary Characters

Yuan Chonghuan (袁崇焕) – the Primary main protagonist of the novel who was By no Implies Truly featured explicitly in the novel. He was a Basic appointed by the Ming Federal government to defFinish the Nation from Manchurian invaders. He was accused of treaBoy and Incorrectly Set to Passing away by the Chongzhen Emperor.

Xia Xueyi (夏雪宜) – the Next main protagonist of the novel whose storyline Established the Schedule of the novel Jointly with Yuan Chengzhi’s. He was nickTitled Golden Snake Gentleman (金蛇郎君) and was Stated to be an Very Potent martial artist with extraordinary Expertise. On the other hand, he was only Pointed out by Title All through the novel as he was Prolonged-Lifeless at the Begin of the novel. He was succeeded by Yuan Chengzhi, who inherited his possessions and Expertise.

Yuan Chengzhi (袁承志) – the 3rd main protagonist of the novel whose storyline Established the Schedule of the novel Jointly with Xia Xueyi’s. He was the Boy of Yuan Chonghuan and was Usually Looking for redress for his Dad who was Incorrectly Set to Passing away. He inherited the martial arts Competencies of Mu Renqing and Xia Xueyi, Producing him 1 of the Most effective martial Performers of his age. His adventures moulded him into a Good Youthful hero who could have served his Nation Properly but it was a pity that he was born in the Incorrect era. He left China for Fine at the Finish of the novel and sailed to a distant Acreage with his companions.

Xia Qingqing (夏青青) a.k.a. Wen Qingqing (温青青) – the daughter of Xia Xueyi and Wen Yi. She was Primary Released as a Fellow member of a Loved ones of brigands but as he A fact parentage was revealed, she Experienced no Alternative but to Move and Stick to Yuan Chengzhi on his adventures. She was arguably the Nearst of all Yuan Chengzhi’s female companions to him.

A Jiu (阿九) – the daughter of the Chongzhen Emperor and she was Recognized as Princess Changping (长平公主). She Primary Came out as a Youthful lady who was Component of the bandits who Sooner or later Stick toed Yuan Chengzhi and they Produced a Near Romantic relationship. Her A fact Identification was Sooner or later revealed and she Experienced an arm sliced Away by her Dad, but was rescued by Yuan Chengzhi. She Determined to Turn into a nun Recognized as Jiu Nan (九难) at the Finish of the novel.

He Tieshou (何铁手) – the Bad Head of the 5 PoiBoys Cult (五毒教) who Experienced a hook for her Correct hand, as her Title Tieshou, which Implies Metallic hand, implied. She encountered Yuan Chengzhi and Grew to become obsessed with him, Even though he managed to turn her Back again to Fineness Toward the Finish of the novel. She Grew to become Yuan’s disciple and was reTitled to He Tishou (何惕守).

Mild characters

Li Zicheng (李自成) – nickTitled the Dashing King (闯王). He was the Head of the rebellion which overthrew the Ming Dynasty. Following the Tumble of the Funds Town, he Grew to become Much more autocratic and tyrannical, condoning the atrocities committed by his Stick toers Toward the citizens which Brought on him to Shed Reputation. He Produced a Crucial Error by snatching Wu Sangui’s concubine Chen Yuanyuan for himself, which proved to be an Essential Element for his eventual downTumble

Li Yan (李岩) – a trusted advisor of Li Zicheng and a Head of the rebel army. He Established a Quickly friFinishship with Yuan Chengzhi. He opposed Li Zicheng’s tyranny after the Tumble of the Ming Dynasty but was Set to Passing away.

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