China-Britain Film Festival opens in London

This 12 months's China-Britain Movie Festival is underway in London, Displaycasing a Different catalogue of Chinese language films.

It's also Created to Attempt to Improve cooperation In between the Chinese language and United kingdom film Sectors.

1st Used in 2013, the Yearly China Intercontinental Movie Festival London has now upgraded its Name to Turn out to be the China-Britain Movie Festival.

The festival is meant to Display Away some of the Very best films Made in China, as Nicely as Market Chinese language Lifestyle and Supply a System for exchanging Concepts in the film indusAttempt.

Organizers Wish the festival's expansion will Permit Far more Individuals to Much better-appreciate Chinese language filmmaking.

Kong Xiangxi is the President of the China-Britain Movie Festival.

"Throughout the festival, we Wish Chinese language films can be Much better Introduced. We also Wish directors, like Feng Xiaogang, who Signify Chinese language filmmakers, can Occur to Britain and Display the counAttempt what China is like Nowadays, Such as letting them know what Current Chinese language filmmakers are like and how profound Chinese language Lifestyle is. Apart from, we are also Marketing our Lifestyle to the Outdoors Globe, Enhancing our Associations and contributing to the 'A single Belt, A single Path' Technique."

The Screening 1 week for this 12 months's festival is now underway.

Eleven Well-liked Chinese language films will be screened in Many different theatres Close to London, Such as "Mr. 6," "Monkey King: Hero is Back again" and "Chongqing Warm Pot."

The United kingdom's Movie Screening 1 week will Carry Location in China in November.

Chinese language actress Yan Bingyan is a jury Fellow member at this 12 months's film festival.

"Truly, this Occasion Signifys Conversation. Thorough this film festival, English audiences will get to know what Sort of films are Well-liked in China and Chinese language Individuals will get an Notion of what the film indusAttempt is like in England."

This 12 months's festival Functions an Thrilling Variety of award-Profitable films Between the More than 40 Functions Getting screened, Such as acclaimed Offense drama "Mr. 6," which stars actor/director Feng Xiaogang in the Top Part.

Feng is this 12 months's Picture Ambassador of the Festival, Subsequent in the footsteps of Lover Bingbing, Yang Mi and Li Bingbing.

"This festival serves as a bridge. The Chance Allows British audiences to Look at Chinese language Films. It is Superior that the organizers Set Many different Sorts of Current Chinese language Films on the Checklist."

The awards for this 12 months's film festival have Currently been handed out.

It was Duan Yihong Profitable the 'Best Actor Award' for his Part in "The Lifeless Finish," which also earned the 'Best Movie Award.'

Gong Li has Carryn Residence the 'Best Actress Award' for her Efficiency in "Monkey King: Hero is Back again."

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