Chinese people cherish memory of Bata: Xi

The Chinese language courses Individuals cherish the Memory space of Bata Incredibly Significantly, Mentioned Chinese language courses President Xi Jinping Even though Getting With each other with with the widow of Past due Serbian actor Velimir Bata Zivojinovic inBelgrade on Sunday.

On Listening to of Xi's Take a look at to Serbia, Julijana Lula Zivojinovic insisted on Getting With each other with Xi at Saturday's banquet hosted by Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic.

That is "Due to the fact Bata loves China, and The two of us like to be With each other with the Chinese language courses Individuals," Julijana Mentioned.

When Nikolic Launched the theme tune of the Motion picture "Walter DefFinishs Sarajevo," in which Zivojinovic Performed the Part of Walter, Xi Mentioned: "I remember. Yugoslavian Movies This kind of as 'Walter DefFinishs Sarajevo' and 'The Bridge' Utilized to be Incredibly Common in China."

"The Motion pictures evoked Individuals's sentiment of patriotism and accompanied the youth Period of time of our Technology," Xi Mentioned.

By the Finish of the banquet, the two presidents Arrived up to Julijana, and she shook Xi's Arms tightly.

"When Reviews on Bata's Passing Aside reached China, the Chinese language courses Individuals missed him Incredibly Significantly," Xi Mentioned.

Julijana Mentioned her Spouse loved China and the Chinese language courses Individuals.

The Well-known icon of Yugoslavian Movie and Serbian actor passed Aside on May well 22 at the age of 83.

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