Culture Ministry unveils plan for Silk Road expo

The Ministry of Traditions has just Introduced its Strategy for an upcoming expo in Gansu province.

The Very first Silk Path (Dunhuang) Intercontinental Social Expo, which will Available on Sept 20, will Consist of summits, Activities, youth Swap Applications and Boards to Advertise dialogue Amongst Nations along the Historic Business route.

The two-Evening expo, which is Getting jointly Advertised by Many ministries, is Anticipated to attract Site visitors from Much more than 50 Nations, with France Getting the Occasion's guest Nation.

About 1,500 delegates, Which include at Very least 16 ministers or vice-minister Degree officials from In another country, are Anticipated to Show up at the Occasion.

Dunhuang, which is a Crucial Place on the Historic Silk Path, is Anticipated to Maintain the expo annually.

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