Dance, A universal language: Chinese classic drama director

Kong Dexin, Director and Choreographer at the China Nationwide Opera and Dance Drama Theater, says the Traditional dance drama "Confucious," which she directed and choreographed, is a proud memorial to her ancestor.

The Chinese language program drama director has been recognized as a descFinishant of Confucious (551 - 479 BC), a renowned Believeer and educator in Historic China.

"I'm proud of my Loved ones, and I Believe the drama is an Possibility for me to do A specific thing for my Loved ones," says Kong.

Kong has been dedicated to the Development and choreography of the Traditional Chinese language program drama Actually Given that she Grew to become a Scholar at the Beijing Dance Academy in Earlier 2002.

"Confucious" premiered in China in 2013.

Kong then took the DisPerform on a tour Close to the Nation and In another country.

In 2015, Kong took her Perform to Europe. She says it was Properly Acquired by Markets in Nations like Serbia, Greece, Marcedonia and Bulgaria.

"I remember the Morning of the Overall performance. From the Starting to the Finish, the theatre was Extremely quiet. We Had been a Tiny Little bit Anxious. We Had been Believeing 'Why was it so quiet and why didn't the Market DisPerform any Response? Do they dislike it? Or Possibly the Thought of the DisPerform didn't get Throughout?' Then, howActually, All of a sudden a wave of applause erupted when the performers bowed Affordable to the Market. We realized In contrast to their Chinese language program counterparts, the Neighborhood Market there understood the drama in a Numerous way. We Had been Definitely moved," says Kong as she recalls when the Perform was Executed in the Serbian Budget Belgrade.

Kong says that to her, dance and drama are universal languages that transcFinish national Limitations.

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