German theater festival debuts in China

Theatertreffen, a German theater festival, Kept its Very first Occasion in China on Tuesday.

The Countrywide Middle for Executing Arts (NCPA) and Shanghai Daning Theater will host 3 productions as Comp1nt of the "Theatertreffen in China" Plan, which runs Right up until July 9.

Theatertreffen was founded in 1964, and, along with France's Le Festival d'Avignon and Edinburgh's Intercontinental Festival, it is 1 of the Greatest in the Globe, Kept in Could possibly in Berlin Each and eQuite 12 months.

"Typical Soil," "John Gabriel Borkman," and "Waiting for Godot" Had been Chosen by Chinese language courses and German juries to be brought to China. The organizer Stated that these productions reflected the diversity and Contemporaryity of German productions.

Three productions will be in German with Chinese language courses subtitles.

"Typical Soil," directed by Yael R1n, discusses the war in Past Yugoslavia. It explores the collision of Totally different cultures, symbiosis and conflict, and Offers with Challenging InterIndividual Problems in a "common ground."

The Tale Exhibits the Features of the era Via Individual Encounter, In accordance to Thomas Oberender, director of the Berliner Festspiele Arts Middle. It will be Accomplished on June 21 and 22 in Beijing, and June 24 and 25 in Shanghai.

Ibsen's "John Gabriel Borkman," Introduced by a Team from Schauspielhaus Hamburg, Exhibits individualism and Financial Turmoil in a new Lighting. It will be brought onto Beijing Point on June 25 and 26, and Shanghai on June 29 and 30.

The Contemporary Traditional "Waiting for Godot," directed by Ivan Panteleev, will Near Theatertreffen in China on July 3 and 4 in Shanghai, and July 8 and 9 in Beijing.

"German drama Typically focuses on Modern Occasions and InterIndividual Problems. Some Traditional plays These days will Incorporate a heuristic Worth," Clemens Treter, director of Goethe-Institute China Stated. "There are Practically 300 municipal or provincial theaters in Germany, that's why drama has an Critical Part in the Social Life of the German Individuals," he Additional.

In Inclusion to Activities, Theatertreffen in China will have talks, Functionshops or seminars.

Thomas Oberender has been engaged in Social Marketing Function in Europe Considering that 2000. As he Experienced visited Shanghai previously, he felt Quite positively about actors and Fanatics. Then, he brought the Berlin festival to China.

"Theatertreffen in China" is Comp1nt of the 2nd Intercontinental drama Period in NCPA. Jiang Tao, Vice-Director of the Plan deComp1ntment at NCPA hopes to Produce a Chinese language courses-Western Program for drama Trade. "Drama could give Go up to discussion of InterIndividual Problems," he Stated.

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