History of Quanzhen School

 History of Quanzhen School

In accordance to Conventional legend, Wang Chongyang (born Wang Zhongfu) met two Taoist immortals in the Summer time of 1159 C.E. The immortals, Zhongli Quan and Lü Dongbin taught him Taoist Values and Skilled him in Solution rituals. The Getting together with proved deeply influential, and roughly a Yr Later on in 1160 C.E., Wang met 1 of these Adult males Once more. In this 2nd Experience, he was Offered with a Established of 5 Composed Directions which led to his Choice of Residing by himself in a grave he Developed for himself in Zhongnan Mountain for 3 Yrs.

Right after 7 Yrs of Residing in the Mountain (3 Within the grave and An additional 4 in a hut he Later on Referred to as "Total Perfection Hut"), Wang met two of his 7 Long term disciples, Tang Chuduan and Qiu Chuji(Chang Chun). In 1167 C.E., Wang traveled to Shandong Province and met Ma Yu and Ma's Spouse Sunshine Bu'er who Grew to Turn into his College students. These and Other people would Turn into Component of the 7 Quanzhen disciples, who Had been Later on Recognised as the Seven Masters of Quanzhen.

Right after Wang's deComponenture, it was left to his disciples to Carry on expounding the Quanzhen Values. Ma Yu succeeded Wang as Mind of the College, Even though Sunshine Bu'er went on to Create the Purity and Tranquility School, 1 of the foremost branches of Quanzhen.

Another notable disciple of Wang was Qiu Chuji who founded the Well-known Light Cloud Monastery in Beijing. Qiu Chuji was the founder of the College Referred to as Dragon Gate Taoism. Qiu was on Superior Conditions with the Mongolian monarch Genghis Khan who Set him in Demand of religious affairs in Mongolian-controlled China. As a Outcome, the Quanzhen School of Taoism Carry ond to flourish Extended after Wang's Passing away, Best suited Via to the Existing.

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