Jiang Yiyan's photo exhibition wows fans

A philanthropic photography exhibition by actress Jiang Yiyan was Used in Shanghai More than the weekend, Successful Sufficient praise from her fans that Law enforcement Experienced to Manage Site visitors amid Security Worries.

Jiang, who has a Eagerness for photography ApCraft from acting, apologized for inconveniences at her Display and thanked her fans for their Assistance, Regardless of the heavy Rainfall.

"Thank you all for your Assistance. I know you have waited Extended in the Rainfall, and some of you travelled just for this Occasion. The Law enforcement Had been Right here in Dread of a stampede and Site visitors congestion, so These days's Display was cancelled. I'm Pretty sorry myself, but I have no other Selection. I want to say sorry to all, and Following time we'll organize Issues Far better! Many thanks for your Adore!" Jiang Authored on her Sina Weibo account.

"Love" was the theme for the photo exhibition, Displaycasing Photographs Jiang As wellk Throughout her trips Close to the Globe and her time Invested as a volunteer Instructor in Bad mountainous villages.

Her Operates in Nepal A single 12 months Soon after the eCrafthquake and Photographs she As wellk Even though shooting a Movie in Tibet autonomous Area Had been also highlighted at the Display.

"Photos are not defined by composition, Neither angle, but by the emotion they transcend," Mentioned Jiang, who regarded herself as only an Novice photographer with no authoritative saying on Craft.

"I'm just Jiang Yiyan, an actor, and photography is pCraft of my hobbies. I am hoNeithered to have met Lots of Pals aExtended the way, and to host Displays in Various Urban centers. I just want to Reveal the Globe as I see it, and Consider the viewers on a Quest of Adore," she Additional.

Jiang, who judged the just-concluded 19th Shanghai Worldwide Film Festival, Mentioned she regretted the impetuous Character of China's Movie Sector.

"The Chinese language Movie Sector, Traders and audiences are As well shallow Occasionally, and tRight here are As well Lots of Rapid-Foods Goods. I saw Lots of Little-Spending budget Movies Throughout the festival. Their productions didn't have Huge Clubs, but their Perform spoke Straight to my heCraft," she Mentioned.

"I Believe it's Important to Maintain the mindset we Experienced when we Started Creating Movies. I Most likely won't Consider on A lot more Industrial Movies in the Long term; I want to Attempt A lot more Craftistic Operates."

The Costless Display Remains in Shanghai from June 26 to July 1 at the Jin Art Institute.

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