Main Characters of The Legend of the Condor Heroes

Guo Jing (郭靖) – the Boy of Guo Xiaotian and Li Ping. He is born in Mongolia BeReduced the Treatment and Defense of Genghis Khan. He learns martial arts from Various Instructors, namely "The 7 Freaks of Jiangnan", Ma Yu of the Quanzhen Sect, Hong Qigong and Zhou Botong. Despite the fact that Becoming Reduced-witted, he possesses a Powerful Impression of morality and patriotism In the direction of his Nation and race. Towards the Finish of the novel, his adventures and Various encounters transforms him into 1 of the Most effective martial Designers and heroes of his time, worthy of compariBoy with the 5 Greats.

Huang Rong (黄蓉) – the daughter of the Huang Yaoshi and Feng Heng. She meets Guo Jing by Possibility and they go on their adventures With each other. Throughout that Time period of time, they Progressively Tumble in Adore and are Ultimately married In the direction of the Finish of the novel. She is formally accepted as a disciple of Hong Qigong and After succeeds Hong as chief of the Beggars' Sect. She is intelligent and tactful, specializing in A number of other fields Apart from martial arts just like her Dad. Despite the fact that her martial arts Skills are not as Effective as Guo Jing, she does Come to be an Achieved martial artist as Nicely at the Finish of the novel.

Yang Kang (杨康) – the Boy of Yang Tiexin and Bao Xiruo. He is raised in Jin as the Boy of the sixth prince Wanyan Honglie and is also Acknowledged as Wanyan Kang (完颜康). He is a disciple of Qiu Chuji but also acknowledged Mei Chaofeng as his Instructor as Nicely. He is treacherous and manipulative, lusting for Energy and wealth This kind of that he even refuses to acknowledge his biological Dad Yang Tiexin. As This kind of, he is labelled as a traitor to his Personal race for acknowledging Wanyan Honglie, who is Accountable for the Passing aways of his Mother and father, as his Dad. He meets his retributive Finish Ultimately Right after Becoming poiBoyed in the
Temple of the Metal Spear. After his Passing away, his corpse is devoured by crows and his skeleton is After buried by Guo Jing.

Mu Nianci (穆念慈) – the foster daughter of Yang Tiexin, who was Acknowledged as "Mu Yi" Right after his apparent Passing away. She meets Yang Kang during the contest for a Partner and Tumbles in Adore with him. Nevertheless, she leaves him Right after witnessing his Functions of villainy and treachery and In no way saw him Once more. She is pregnant with his Kid then and Ultimately Provides Delivery to Yang Guo, who is named by Guo Jing.

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