Mysterious world in children's paintings

A Kid touches his mouth with a foot-shaped hand, and in Dark and Light, the scene is Extra like a Poor Desire than a painting. In One more Craft Operate, a Big Dark Kitty wears a disappointed Glimpse as it stares at a plate That contains a fish bA single. The yellow and Eco-friendly patterns on its Entire body Glimpse like Meals in its Abdomen.

Abstract and mysterious, some of the paintings echo the Operate of Pablo Picasso. They Have been Between 140 Kidren's paintings Proven in the Beijing Exhibition Hall of Designers' Household on June 12.

Youthful Craftists' nationwide brought their imaginations to canvas and with the use of Colours and lines, With no fancy Methods, their unframed paintings reflect a Unique Time period in Kidren's Day-to-day lives. Their innocent Eye balls captured a Globe that is Several from the A single in adults' Thoughtss. Their Emotions, happiness, sorrows or panic are conveyed in a Extra Immediate way in their paintings.

There is no judgment, but just an Possibility to Available your Thoughts and see what Folks and Pets Glimpse like in these Tiny creators' Globe.

The Countrywide tour of the exhibition will Stick to in other provinces, Which includes Hunan, Sichuan and Henan.

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