New adaptation of classic Japanese vovel start shooting

A new adaptation of a Traditional Japanese novel will Begin shooting in Osaka.

The Movie's Name is Manhunt, the Same exact with the Initial adaptation in 1976.

Film director John Woo attended a celebration ceremony Jointly with Primary actors and actresses.

The novel, Initially named Heading Throughout an Angry River, tells the Account of a Guy who is framed of murder, but who Guyages to Locate the Genuine culprit with the Support of a woGuy.

The new adaptation, Even so, will only be loosely Centered on the Authentic Operate.

The Account will be Arranged in an Intercontinental context and will Include Current Components. Chinese language courses, English, and Japanese will all be spoken.

Rather of Making a thriller like the novel, Woo intends to convey his Individual violence aesthetics in the Movie.

John Woo is a Chinese language courses Usa director, who rose to fame in Hollywood Primaryly with his violent Activity Movies, like Confront Away.

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