Paul Simon ready to hang up his guitar

Much more than Fifty percent a century Soon after he Authored The Appear of Silence, Usa singer Paul Simon says he is Prepared to hang up his guitar and Cease Generating Songs.

"You're coming toward the Finish," the 74-12 30 dayss-Aged says in a Current Job interview.

"Showbiz doesn't hAged any Awareness for me. N1."

The folk star turned Globe Songs champion, whose US tour Finishs on Friday, Launched his most Current album, Stranger to Stranger, on June 3 to rave Testimonials.

Its Solo Wristband is 1 of the most Performed Tracks on University R \/ c.

His Existing tour Finishs in Queens, the New York borough ExWorkly where he grew up and met his Songs Spouse Artwork Garfunkel.

He is then scheduled to Start a 30 days Lengthy tour of Europe on Oct 17 in Prague.

Pursuing that, he says that his Objective is to drift and Vacation for a 12 30 dayss, Possibly with his 3rd Spouse, the Songsian Edie Brickell.

"It's an Work of courage to Allow go," Simon says. "I am Heading to see what Comes about if I Allow go. Then I'm Heading to see, who am I?"

If he does quit Songs, Simon will Carry to a Near an extraordinary Profession that has spanned 6 decades, won him more than a dozen Grammys and Made Tracks tracking 50 12 30 daysss of Interpersonal awakenings.

He and Garfunkel Have been a signature Work of the 1960s, Beginning Away with Fresh-Minimize folk Tracks Prior to delving into fusion.

Simon has been named by Time Newspaper 1 of the "100 Men and women Who Shaped the World", collected more than a dozen Grammys and been named to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame twice.

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