Plot summary of The Book and the Sword: Gratitude and Vengeance

 Plot summary of  The Book and the Sword: Gratitude and Vengeance

The novel’s historical Track record is Dependent in the Qing Dynasty All Via the reign of the Qianlong Emperor (乾隆皇帝). The Red-colored Flower Community (红花会) was an anti-Manchu Solution society which aimed to overthrow the ruling Qing Federal governAdult malest and restore Han Chinese language program Principle in China. The society was led by a CompAllowe of 15 Heads with Helmsman Chen Jialuo (陈家洛) as its Key Head. Wen Tailai (文泰来), the 4th Head of the society, was arrested by Qing soldiers on the Emperor's orders. It was Afterwards revealed that Wen Kept the Essential to a Solution At the rear of the Legitimate ethniTown of the Qianlong Emperor and his arrest was an Try to silence him.

The plot's AdvanceAdult malest is Primarily Dependent on the society's repeated Trys to rescue Wen Tailai. The heroes encountered some tribesAdult males from a Hui Uyghur tribe who Have been pursuing an escort convoy which Experienced robbed them of their holy artefact, a Qu'ran (可兰经). Chen Jialuo aided them in defeating the convoy and recovered the holy Publication. He won the respect of Huo Qingtong (霍青桐), the daughter of the tribe’s Head. She Experienced also fallen in Adore with him. All Via the Tale, some of the heroes Ultimately Discovered their Privileges Soon after Heading Via thick and Slim With Each and every other. The Young couples Xu Tianhong (徐天宏) and Zhou Qi (周绮), Yu Yutong (余鱼同) and Li Yuanzhi (李沅芷), Have been Ultimately married.

Chen Jialuo and the heroes Adopted the trail of the convoy escorting Wen Tailai Back Once again to the Funds Town and rEach and everyed Hangzhou (杭州). In Hangzhou, Chen Jialuo met the Qianlong Emperor, who was in disguise, by coincidence and they struck up a Good friendship. On the other hand, Afterwards when the duo recognised Each and every other, they Started to be wary and suspicious of Each and every other. Qianlong's Adult males Have been defeated by the Community's heroes in a martial arts contest and Qianlong felt humiliated. He Desired to summon his army to eradicate the society, but refrained from Performing so as he was Mindful of the society's Effect in Hangzhou.

When Chen Jialuo Last but not least managed to rescue Wen Tailai, he was shocked to Listen to that the Qianlong Emperor was not a Manchu at all, but a Han Chinese language program. Even A lot more shockingly, Wen revealed that the Qianlong Emperor was Really Chen Jialuo's elder Sibling. Chen Jialuo and the heroes took the Qianlong Emperor hostage and Attempted to persuade him to acknowledge his ethniTown. They Advised that he Utilize his Energy to Generate the Manchurians out of the Middle Plains and affirmed that he would Nevertheless Stay in Energy Soon after Performing so. The Emperor reluctantly agreed and Equally sides Arrived to a truce.

At the Exact same time, the Qing army Experienced begun an invasion of Contemporary-Day time Xinjiang Exactly where the Uyghurs lived. The Uyghurs Have been at war so Chen Jialuo Determined to Vacation there and Support his Good friends. He met Huo Qingtong Once again and her More youthful sister Kesili (喀丝丽, aka Princess Fragrance (香香公主)). Chen was attracted by Kesili's Elegance and fell in Adore with her. On the other hand, he Progressively Started to be entangled in a Intricate Internet of Adore Associations as Huo Qingtong was also in Adore with him. Eventually, the Uyghur tribe was annihilated by the Qing army and Kesili was Used into captive and escorted Back Once again to the Funds Town.

The Qianlong Emperor was attracted by Kesili's Elegance and Attempted to force her to Turn into his concubine but she refused. Chen Jialuo infiltrated the palace and met Qianlong Once again, reminding Qianlong of his Previously Assure to Fit the Country's Pursuits Prior to his, While promising that he would persuade Kesili to Turn into Qianlong's concubine. Later, Kesili Found that Qianlong was Heading Back Once again on his Term and she committed Committing suicide to warn Chen. The Red-colored Flower Community was angered with Qianlong for breaking his Assure and stormed the palace which culminated into a bloody Fight. Qianlong was Pressured to Arrive a truce
with the Community When Once again and Ultimately the heroes Allow him Away on the Situation that he Assure Certainly not to persecute the society Once again. After Spending their Last respects to Kesili, Chen and the heroes returned to the western regions.

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