Plot summary of Sword Stained with Royal Blood

 Plot summary of Sword Stained with Royal Blood

Established in the Past due Ming Dynasty, the plot Essentially revolves Close to the adventures of Yuan Chengzhi (袁承志), the orphaned Boy of Yuan Chonghuan, a patriotic Army Head who Experienced been wrongly Place to Passing away by the Chongzhen Emperor. As an orphaned Kid, Yuan Chengzhi was sent to Mount Hua (华山) In which he was mentored by the Most excellent swordsman and martial artist alive, Mu Renqing (穆人清), in martial arts. Below Mu Renqing's tutelage, Yuan grew up to Come to be a Good Youthful swordsman. Serendipitous incidents Right after his deCompA singlenture from Huashan led Yuan Chengzhi to Uncover the Golden Snake Sword (金蛇剑) and a martial arts
Guide which After beProlongeded to Xia Xueyi (夏雪宜), a Prolonged-Lifeless enigmatic swordsman who was nicknamed Golden Snake Gentleman (金蛇郎君) and possessed legendary Abilities. Yuan obtained Xia Xueyi's possessions and mastered Xia's martial arts, Permitting him to Attain a Close to-superhuman Phase.

Subsequently, Yuan Chengzhi wandered Close to the Property and met Wen Qingqing (温青青), a Youthful mHelpen from a Family members of brigands. Wen Qingqing was Past duer revealed to be the daughter of the Past due Xia Xueyi and she Made the Choice to Adhere to Yuan on his adventures. All Via the Program of his adventures, Yuan Helped Li Zicheng in the rebellion, This kind of as Assisting them retrieve the gold robbed by the Wen Family, sabotaging a battery of cannons supplied to the imperial army by Internationalers, and Funding the rebellion with CompA singlent of the treasure he Uncovered in Nanjing. Yuan also befriended Numerous pugilists who pledged allegiance to him upon realising his Identification as the Boy of the Past due Yuan Chonghuan. Yuan Chengzhi reorganised the pugilists into an army under his command and they all pledged to serve and defend their Nation from the Manchurian invaders.

Eager to Show his loyalty to his Country and Nationmen, Yuan Chengzhi infiltrated the Manchurian Budget TPersonal and attempted to assassinate the Manchurian ruler Huangtaiji (皇太极) but failed. Later, Regardless of Obtaining a feud with the Emperor for his Dad's wrongful execution, he Assisted the Emperor foil a plot to seize the thrA single led by the Emperor's uncle, Prince Hui (惠王). After defeating Prince Hui's allies, he accepted a Youthful Girl with a hook for her Most suitable hand named He Tieshou (何铁手) as his disciple. He Tieshou was formerly the Head of the infamous 5 PoiBoys Cult (五毒教) and A single of Prince Hui's allies. Yuan was also entangled in Adore affairs with his female companions Xia (Wen) Qingqing and A Jiu (Past duer revealed to be Princess Changping (长平公主)).

Despite the fact that Yuan's Efforts to Help Li Zicheng's rebel army in overthrowing the corrupt Ming Federal government, his Authentic Choice to Help them Produced him regret. Li Grew to become Additional autocratic and tyrannical upon seizing the Budget TPersonal, as he condA singled his Adhere toers' Functions of brutality Versus the Typical People today, whom Experienced In the beginning looked to him as their "saviour". Yuan Grew to become disappointed with Li Zicheng and Made the Choice to Depart him. Subsequently, Li Zicheng's Measures led to his Personal dPersonalfall, when the Manchurians At some point broke Via and entered the Middle Plains. The Manchurians ruled China Because then and Set up the Qing Dynasty. When Yuan Chengzhi Noticed that his Nation Experienced fallen to International Arms, he fell into despair but recovered Swiftly when he realised that he was unable to reverse the Circumstance. Rather, he Made the Choice to Depart China for Superior and sailed to a distant Property Collectively with his Adhere toers and companions.

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