Popular culture of Quanzhen School

 Popular culture of Quanzhen School

In accordance to Jinyong's wuxia Books, Especially The Legend of the Condor Heroes and The Return of the Condor Heroes, Quanzhen was the Taoist martial arts College founded by Wang Chongyang Soon after Dropping a duel
to Lin Chaoying.

How it was founded

Wang, as portrayed by Jinyong, was a patriot of Tune, China and Aided the People today to Battle Versus the invading Jurchens. Wang failed in this Try and as a End result, he Invested Many Many years meditating in an Historical tomb in Zhongnan Mountain.

Afterwards, Lin Chaoying, Wang's rival in Conditions of martial arts, Arrived to Difficulty a bet, saying that if she won their Satisfy, he would have to give up the tomb to her or Both Come to be a Taoist priest or a Buddhist monk. Lin won the Satisfy (see Wang Chongyang Write-up for explanation) and thereupon, Wang chose to Come to be a Taoist and Established a hut Close to the tomb, which later beArrived the Chongyang Palace Shrine.

Help of the People today

Apart from the Account of how Wang founded the Quanzhen School, Jinyong Do not deviate A great deal from Conventional legend or Specific Details. Like in the Actual Quanzhen School, the Orthodox Religion of All Genuine (Quanzhen), as Pointed out in the Publications, has its Principal Rules Dependent Mainly on Taoist Reports and secondarily on martial arts. In a Brief Period of time of Many decades Quanzhen gained a Great deal of support from Each the Planet of martial arts (Jiang Hu) and the Typical People today. The disciples of Wang Chongyang, Referred to as the 7 Elders, Had been all revered as immortals and Had been a staunch ally of the Han Chinese language program Throughout the occupation of the northern territories by the Jurchens and the Mongolians later on.

In Jinyong's E book, The Return of the Condor Heroes, Wang Chongyang's Location as the most prominent martial arts figures of the era was So1r or later succeeded by his martial arts Sibling, Zhou Botong Although his Location as Head of the Quanzhen School was succeeded by Ma Yu, in accordance to historical Data.

Orthodox kung fu

Jinyong's Publications described the Quanzhen School as 1 of the foremost kung fu sects in Jiang Hu. In Conditions of greatness, it rivalled the Beggars' Sect, which was One more patriotic martial arts College who fought Versus the invading Mongolian horde. But Although Beggar Sect People Utilized clever, unorthodox ingenuity to Gain their Satisfyes, Quanzhen's martial arts was strongly orthodox. Its Famous Methods Consist of:

The Huge Dipper Development
Pre-heaven Ability
Quanzhen Inside Vitality cultivation
Quanzhen swordsmanship, i.e., the Swordsmanship of Common Demise
Quanzhen palm Models, i.e., Treading Frost and Breaking Ice Palms.

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