Quanzhen School of The Legend of the Condor Heroes

 Quanzhen School of  The Legend of the Condor Heroes

The Quanzhen (全真,literally: "Total Perfection") College, Generally Named Total Actuality in English, is a Important sect of Taoism that originated in Northern China. It was founded by the Taoist priest Wang Chongyang in the 12th century, Throughout the Increase of the Jin Dynasty. When the Mongols invaded the Northern Chinese language courses (Music Dynasty) in 1254, the Quanzhen Taoists Had been Amid Individuals who exerted Amazing Work in Maintaining the peace, Therefore saving Hundreds of Lifestyles, Especially Individuals of Han Chinese language courses descent. This branch of Taoism is also Pointed out Often in Jinyong's Well-liked wuxia Books, Which include the Condor Trilogy.

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