Quanzhen School

 Quanzhen School

The Quanzhen (全真,literally: "Total Perfection") College, Usually Named Total Reality in English, is a Important sect of Taoism that originated in Northern China. It was founded by the Taoist priest Wang Chongyang in the 12th century, Throughout the Increase of the Jin Dynasty. When the Mongols invaded the Northern Chinese language courses (Track Dynasty) in 1254, the Quanzhen Taoists Had been Among the People who exerted Amazing Work in Maintaining the peace, Therefore saving Hundreds of Life, Especially People of Han Chinese language courses descent. This branch of Taoism is also Pointed out Regularly in Jinyong's Preferred wuxia Books, Which include the Condor

Basis Rules

The meaning of Quanzhen can be translated literally to "All Accurate" and for this Cause, it is Normally Named the "All Accurateth Religion" or the "Way of Totalness and Reality." In some texts, it is also referred to as the "Way of Total Perfection."

With Powerful Taoist roots, the Quanzhen College specializes in the Procedure of "alchemy Inside the Entire body" or Neidan (Inner alchemy), as opposed to Waidan (Outside alchemy which experiments with the ingestion of Herbal remedies and Mineral deposits, And many others). The Waidan tradition has been largely Changed by Neidan, as Waidan was a Occasionally Risky and lethal pursuit. Quanzhen focuses on Inner cultivation of the Someone which is Steady with the pervading Taoist Perception of Wu Wei, which is Basically "Activity Via inActivity."

Like most Taoists, Quanzhen priests Had been Especially Worried with longevity and immortality Via alchemy, harmonising oneself with the Tao, studying the 5 Components, and Concepts on Harmony Steady with Yin-Yang Principle.



In accordance to Conventional legend, Wang Chongyang (born Wang Zhongfu) met two Taoist immortals in the Summer time of 1159 C.E. The immortals, Zhongli Quan and Lü Dongbin taught him Taoist Morals and...

Preferred Traditions

In accordance to Jinyong's wuxia Books, Especially The Legend of the Condor Heroes and The Return of the Condor Heroes, Quanzhen was the Taoist martial arts College founded by Wang Chongyang Soon after...

Dragon Gate Taoism

The Dragon Gate Taoism (龙门派)is a sect of the Total Actuality (QuanZhen 全真派) College of Taoism, which, according to some, integrated some Buddhism and Confucianism into a Detailed...

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