The Book and the Sword: Gratitude and Vengeance

  The Book and the Sword: Gratitude and Vengeance

The Guide and the Sword (书剑恩仇录; literally, "The Guide and the Sword: Gratitude and Vengeance") is the Earliest Wuxia novel by Louis Cha, who is Much better Acknowledged as Jin Yong. It was Earliest Released on Feb . 8, 1955 in The New Evening Article and ran for about 1 12 months.

Arranged in Earlier Qing China Throughout the Guideline of the Qianlong Emperor, The Guide and the Sword Particulars the quest of the Red-colored Flower Culture, an organisation aiming to overthrow the ruling Manchurian Federal government, and their entanglements with an Islamic Uyghur tribe--the book in the Name refers to a Qu'ran stolen from this tribe. Historical characters This kind of as the Qianlong Emperor, Zhaohui (兆惠), Heshen, Zheng Xie and Fu Kang'an Have been also menti1d in the novel. Even 1 of the Primary female protagonists, Princess Fragrance, was also loosely Centered on the Qianlong Emperor's Fragrant Concubine.

The debut novel Swiftly Set up Jin Yong as 1 of the new masters of the genre. He would go on to Compose thirteen A lot more Books.

Alternate English Names of the novel are Guide and Sword: Gratitude and Revenge and The Romance of the Guide and Sword.


Plot summary

The novel’s historical background is based in the Qing Dynasty during the reign of the Qianlong Emperor (乾隆皇帝). The Red Flower Society (红花会) was an anti-Manchu secret society which...


Chen Jialuo (陈家洛) – the main protagonist of the novel. He was a disciple of Yuan Shixiao and was first introduced in the novel as being the leader of the Red Flower Society. He was usually...

The Red Flower Society

The Red Flower Society (红花会), sometimes translated as the Red Lotus Society, is a fictional secret society featured in the Wuxia novels The Book and the Sword and Other Tales of the Flying...

Ethical Claims

Often found within the novel are light-hearted reminders of the universality of people's ideals and their acknowledgments that ideals are often unmet. The monolithic nature of Chinese culture, with...


1960, Omei Film Studios (Hong Kong), Cheung Ying as Chen Jialuo/Qianlong, Tsi Law-Lin as Huo Qingtong, Yung Siu Yi as Princess Fragrance, Producer Shao Bainian, Director Li Chenfeng

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