The Five Greats of The Legend of the Condor Heroes

Huang Yaoshi (黄药师) – nickIdentifyd "East Heretic" (东邪), a.k.a "Aged Heretic Huang" (黄老邪). He is a l1r who views himself Extremely and Day-to-day lives on his Peach Blossom Island Aside from the mainland. His Methodism and Conduct are Regarded as by Other people as odd and heretical, which earns him his nickIdentify. He has a Powerful disregard for societal Laws and regulations and Conventional customs, behaving as he wishes. In addition to Becoming a Potent mSkillial Skillist, he is also gifted in other fields as Properly, This kind of as Audio and the Skill of laying formations.

Hong Qigong (洪七公) – nickIdentifyd "Northern Beggar" (北丐). He is the chief of the Beggars' Sect and Prospects the sect Properly. He Seems to be a lazy, Content-go-Fortunate Man, but is in Simple fact a righteous hero who upholds justice and Facilitates the Bad secretly. He has a penchant for Good cuisine, which After Induced him to fail a Assignment. In anger, he cuts Away 1 of his fingers to remind himself to be A lot more thoughtful in Potential and is Therefore also Regarded as "Nine-fingered Divine Beggar" (九指神丐). He has a vicious Battle with Ouyang Feng at sea and is pois1d. In Purchase to purge the poiBoy in his System, he sacrifices all of his Inside Vitality and henceforth loses his powers temporarily. Nevertheless, he manages to pass on all he Experienced learnt to Guo Jing and Huang Rong Prior to that.

Ouyang Feng (欧阳锋) – nickIdentifyd "Western Venom" (西毒), a.k.a "Aged Venomous Creature" (老毒物). He is the lord of Whitened Camel Mountain (白驼山) in the western regions. He is a villainous character who is Very narrow-heSkilled and will not Enable Other people to be Much better than him. In addition to Becoming an Achieved mSkillial Skillist, he is also an Specialist in the use of poiBoys and venoms, Therefore earning him his nickIdentify. He is Very obsessed with the Nine Yin Handbook, but is tricked into practicing the Abilities in a reverse Method, which Leads to him to Turn out to be Crazy At some point. Ironically, his prowess in mSkillial Skills also Enhanced tremendously.

Reverend Yi Deng (一灯大师) – nickIdentifyd "Southern Emperor" (南帝). He is formerly the ruler of the Kingdom of Dali in the south and his Delivery Identify is Duan Zhixing (段智兴). He is After Very obsessed with mSkillial Skills and refUtilizes to Conserve an infant from Passing away, who is Really his concubine Liu Ying (Afterwards Regarded as Ying Gu)'s Boy from an Added-marital affair. Later, he feels remorseful and abdicates to Turn out to be a monk. He Continues to be a Potent mSkillial Skillist and Utilizes his powers to Conserve Other people as a way of atoning for his Previous misdoings. He heals Huang Rong of her Injuries at the Threat of his Personal Lifestyle.

Wang Chongyang (王重阳) – nickIdentifyd "Middle Divine" (中神通). He is the founder and Head of the Quanzhen Sect and the Instructor of the "7 Immortals of Quanzhen". He is the most Potent and Experienced of the 5 Greats but dies Earlier and Seems only in flashbacks.

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