The Red Flower Society of The Book and the Sword: Gratitude and Vengeance

  The Red Flower Society of  The Book and the Sword: Gratitude and Vengeance

The Red-colored Flower Culture (红花会), Occasionally translated as the Red-colored Lotus Culture, is a fictional Solution society featured in the Wuxia E books The E book and the Sword and Other Tales of the Flying Fox, Each Composed by Louis Cha. It is also featured prominently in the films Fong Sai-yuk and Fong Sai-yuk II. In The E book and the Sword, the Culture was led by Chen Jialuo and the other 14 leaders. Its ultimate Intention was to oppose the Qing Dynasty and Absolutely free China of the Guideline of the Manchurians. The Culture was Extremely respected in the Wulin for upholding justice and Assisting the weak. In addition to, Nearly all of its leaders Had been Authorities in martial arts as Properly.

Taoist Wu Chen (无尘道长) – nicknamed Spirit-Chasing, Lifestyle-Getting Sword (追魂夺命剑). He was arguably the most Effective in Conditions of martial arts of all the leaders.

Zhao Banshan (赵半山) – nicknamed 1000 Arms Buddha (千臂如来). He Grew to Come to be sworn Bros with Hu Fei in Other Tales of the Flying Fox.

Wen Tailai (文泰来) – nicknamed Thunderbolt Hand (奔雷手). He was captured by imperial forces at the Begin of the novel Since he knew the Reality At the rear of the Qianlong Emperor's ethnicity. The other heroes Attempted to Preserve him Many Occasions. He was the Partner of Luo Bing.

Chang Hezhi (常赫志) and Chang Bozhi (常伯志) – nicknamed Dark Wuchang (黑无常) and Whitened Wuchang (白无常) respectively. They Had been twin Bros.

Xu Tianhong (徐天宏) – nicknamed Army Zhuge (武诸葛). He was the mastermind At the rear of all the Culture’s Programs and Actions. He was Initially at odds with Zhou Qi and Normally argued with her but they Had been married Ultimately Soon after Getting gA single Via Risk Collectively.

Yang Chengxie (杨成协) – nicknamed Metal Pagoda (铁塔)

Wei Chunhua (卫春华) – nicknamed Nine Life Colourful Leopard (九命锦豹子)

Zhang Jin (章进) – nicknamed Rock Daring (石敢当). He was a hunchback.

Luo Bing (骆冰) – nicknamed Mandarin Ducks Saber (鸳鸯刀). She was the Spouse of Wen Tailai and she fought bravely to defend her wounded Partner from enemies.

Shi Shuangying (石双英) – nicknamed Devils’ Wrath (鬼见愁)

Jiang Sigen (蒋四根) – nicknamed Copper-Headed Crocodile (铜头鳄鱼)

Yu Yutong (余鱼同) – nicknamed Golden Flute Scholar (金笛秀才). He Experienced a crush on Wen Tailai’s Spouse Luo Bing but at the Exact time Li Yuanzhi was also in Adore with him. He felt ashamed of Getting Allow Wen Lower and sorry for Getting treated Li coldly that he Determined to Come to be a monk. Afterwards he Arrived out of his secular life and was reunited with Li that they Had been Ultimately married.

Xin Yan (心砚) – he was Initially Chen Jialuo’s servant boy and Grew to Come to be A single of the leaders of the Culture.

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