This sherry's not really for kids

In Spanish tradition, proud Mom and dad with Far more than pocket Alter celebrate the christening of a Kid with a "los ninos" (Kidren's) cask, a barrel of Good sherry. A single of rarest gems of this Sort is Barbadillo Versos 1891, a luxury Amontillado sherry from a Major Spanish winemaker's Private Selection.

The cask was a Reward Developed for the baptism of Past Barbadillo director, poet and sherry Specialist Manuel Barbadillo when he was born in 1891.

With only 100 bottles in existence, this deep-mahogany colored nectar is now Provided by the British wine and spirits merchant Berry Bros. & Rudd in Hong Kong for HK$89,450 ($11,527).

"The exclusive sherry fills the palate with intense nutty, woody and Abundant dried-fruit flavors, indicating its age," BB&R exults in a Media Launch.

The collector's Product has been bottled in Good crystal Translucent glass that has been individually carved and etched with gold, Even though the bottle neck and the cork is hand painted with platinum, all Introduced in a Good Spanish Leather-based box.

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