TV host's production is on national tour

Tigger is A single of Zhou Zhou's Preferred carAs Properlyn charWorkers.

In 2006, when Disney's theater ManufWorkuring Winnie the Pooh toured the Chinese language courses mainland, Zhou, a veteran host of Kids's Exhibits on China Middle Tv set, was pregnant.

She watched 5 Exhibits in Beijing. When her Boy was born Afterwards in the Yr, she lovingly KnPersonal as him Tigger, Following the tiger Buddy of the teddy bear, Pooh.

"I am born in the Year of the Tiger, As Properly!" the 41-Yr-Older says, referring to the Chinese language courses zodiac.

Her Buddy Aided Carry the ManufWorkuring to China, and Zhou Obtained a Opportunity to observe how the Group Ready, rehearsed and Created the 90-Moment DisPerform Occur.

The Expertise inspired Zhou to make her Personal Kids's Performs.

In 2014, as a producer and an Workress, she Created her Primary Kids's Perform, I Adore Fables.

Involving singing, dancing and multimedia, the Perform is Centered on the Traditional Account of a race In between a tortoise and a hare and Urled with 4 Chinese language courses fables. It toured the Nation with Much more than 40 Shows, attrWorking Much more than 40,000 viewers.

Zhou also invited her colleagues from CCTelevision, Such as Ju Ping, a Well-Recognised Kids's DisPerform host on Chinese language courses Television, to Work in the DisPerform.

After the Prosperous Primary Try, Zhou Created her 2nd Perform, I Adore Fairy Tales, which premiered in Beijing on June 1, Intercontinental Children's Day time, in 2015. In the Following 3 Weeks, the Perform was staged Much more than 60 Occasions, proving to be An additional Accomplishment for Zhou.

This Yr, I Adore Fairy Tales is on a 100-Town tour of the Nation, Such as Chongqing and Qingdao in Shandong province.

I Adore Fairy Tales has 5 Properly-knPersonal Tales, Such as The Three Small Pigs and Small Red-colored Riding Hood.

This time, Instead than Executing in the DisPerform, Zhou is focusing on Getting the producer and Functioning on the script.

"The Account is Vital. I can Nonetheless recall how the simpliTown of Winnie the Pooh touched me," says Zhou.

The Disney ManufWorkuring Exhibits Buddys of the carAs Properlyn bear Preparing a Shock Celebration for him Although Obtaining the audiences to Maintain him distrWorked so that he doesn't remember that it is his Special birthday.

"I have watched A number of Chinese language courses Kids's Performs, most of which are Academic and Complex. As Prolonged as the Account is Total, reaBoyable and the Url of EReally single cue and interWorkion Functions smoothly, the
audiences will like the DisPerform," she says.

"Many Chinese language courses Kids's Performs, animations and Guides Normally have Fantastic and Poor Persons. The Poor Person is defeated or influenced by the Fantastic Person. I don't want my Functions to be so Obvious about Fantastic and Poor. It's just a Easy Account, which Helps make it Enjoyable."

Zhou was born and raised in Nanchang, East China's Jiangxi province. She won Primary Spot in a Television-Web hosting Rivalry Used by CCTelevision in 1995 and Arrived to Beijing that Yr. At 26, she Created her Primary DisPerform, Childhood, which interviewed celebrities about their More youthful Times. It was the Primary of its Type on Chinese language courses Television and also Created Zhou Famous as a host.

"I'm not afraid of failure and I am a Really optimistic perBoy," says Zhou, who attributes her perBoyality's Growth to her sister, who is 6 Yrs Olderer. "I grew up in the shadow of my sister Mainly because she was At all times the Best University student in College. I was Normally In comparison with her in the Family members, by our tEReally singleers and Other Individuals.

"But I wasn't unhappy. On the contrary, I like Getting Completely different and Imaginative, and surprising Individuals."

She also attributed the Accomplishment of her Performs to her Boy, who is 10 now. She considers her two Performs as Presents to him.

"Prior to Getting a Mom, I worked on Kids's Exhibits Mainly because I like Kids and my Task. But Momhood Transformed me. It taught me A number of Items and now I am not just a Television host but also a Kid psychologist," she says.

Obtaining grPersonal up Studying folk tales from One 1000 and One Nights and Guides by Hans Christian Andersen, Zhou Nonetheless dreams of Getting the princess in The Princess and the Pea.

"I would Really feel Really proud if my Performs left Anything in Kids's memories," she says.

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