A comment on this story

  A comment on this story

Yu Luo Cha was When Enquired why she Don't disguise herself as a Guy in Purchase to Maintain a Lower profile Throughout A single of her journeys. But she laughed and replied that she Desired to Take glory to all People who Put on
Gowns, As a result Do not want to Gown up as a Guy. That is undoubtedly the Purpose why I Determined to translate Liang Yu Sheng's "Bai Fa Mo Nu Zhuan" or "The LegFinish of the Whitened Head of haired Maiden." Like Yu Luo
Cha (and I Think, also like Liang Yu Sheng), I Wish to Take glory to female characters in Wuxia and give Visitors an Chance to Get pleaCertain from a female character that is so Powerful and colourful, she oversExperiencedows
eQuiteA single else Which includes the male characters. In contrast to the Standard Attractiveness in wuxia, Yu Luo Cha does not Require Defense or Aid from anybody else. NPossibly is she a sweet, pacified or innocent Small Lady. Even though
Becoming noble and heroic, she is also wild and vicious, Lovely and terrifying. To Best it all Away, she is a female bandit who is Very Nicely Educated in martial arts, but not at all Quite Nicely Educated in the
literary arts. To Fit it Merely, Yu Luo Cha is Surely Quite Diverse.

NActuallytheless, I don't want to make it Seem like "Bai Fa" is chick-wuxia. It just Comes about to be centred Close to a Powerful female Guide, but that doesn't Signify that it's centred Close to sappy roGuyce plotlines. That is
An additional Significant Stage to Maintain in Thoughts about the Account. The Television set serials and Films Invariably emphasizes the roGuyce plotlines of the novel, Invariably Actively playing up the Loss of Yu Luo Cha and Zhuo Yi Hang's
roGuyce. Possibly Liang Yu Sheng himself Experienced Initially Meant to elaborate Much more on the tragically-roGuytic themes as alluded to in the poem that Starts the Account. But Zhuo Yi Hang fails miserably as a male
Guide (and Think me, I intFinish to retain eQuite ounce of his nerdiness in my translation) and the novel is not about the roGuyce In between Yu Luo Cha and Zhuo Yi Hang. But Instead, as the Quite Name suggests, it
is about the legFinish of a woGuy: her Account, her legFinish, but also most Significantly, her Loss.

It Should Particularly also be understood that "Bai Fa" is not some Sort of angry male-bashing feminist novel Possibly, Even though there are a Awesome Quantity of Quite engaging females in the novel and an alarming Quantity of
pathetic Adult men as Nicely. But Crafting about Powerful and noble females is Quality of Liang Yu Sheng's Tales and "Bai Fa" is undoubtedly a Account which privileges and Facilitates feministic Matters that bears a
sophistication which is Nicely Forward of Liang's era. FurtherMuch more, there are Quite engaging Adult men in the novel as Nicely, This kind of as the Quite admirable Yue Ming Ke, the Amazing Wang Zhao Xi, the Quite adorable Bai Min
and the Quite likeable Tie Fei Prolonged.

FurtherMuch more, this novel is a Quite Beneficial Location to Begin in Conditions of Liang Yu Sheng's "Tian Shan" Sequence. He Authored about the hiAccount and End result of this sect in 22 out of his 35 Books, alLowering for Very much
inter-textual referencing and Hyperlinks, Additional alLowering the characters to Turn out to be Much more 3-diAdult mensional and the Tales to be Much more Genuine, as if there Definitely was This kind of a hiAccount of heroes in the Previous.
Although "Bai Fa's" Yue Ming Ke perhaps technically cannot be Regarded as as the founder of the "Tian Shan" sect, but he was the Particular person who Awayicially Founded the sect's eminence and As a result is
Regarded as as the founder of the sect.

For me Particular personally, this novel was EUniquely Unique Simply because of Yu Luo Cha's character – which was Diverse and EUniquely colourful even when In comparison to the Liang Yu Sheng's other Powerful female
characters. NActuallytheless, that is not to say that the novel is flawless or that it is Liang Yu Sheng's Greatest Operate. It is Surely a Quite Beneficial Operate – Extremely Advanced in Guyy Factors and Quite entertaining
as Nicely. It is Surely A single of his most Well-known Operates. NActuallytheless, there are Guyy Troubles with Particular plotlines and pacing, eUniquely Close to the bottom 50 percent of the Account. I Particular personally Believe that the Account
could have benefited Experienced he excised about 4 or 5 chapters. Therefore I don't Strategy to do a Total translation of eQuite chapter. The chapters or Components of chapters that I Determine to not translate will be Rather
Comprehensive in Stage-Type Be awares. If I am Actually Fortunate Sufficient to Accomplish the Account, I'll go Back again to fill in the missing Components. But at this time, I will only translate the Components that I Really feel would be the most engaging
for Other people to Study. HopeTotaly this way, I can make it to the Finish.

Lastly, I would like to make a Be aware about the Name of my translation. The Typical translated Name of the Publication is "The LegFinish of the Whitened Head of haired Maiden" (or as Television serials and Films would translate in Wishs
of Actively playing up the roGuyce eleAdult ment: "RoGuyce of the Whitened Head of haired Maiden" or "The Bride with Whitened Head of hair"). But I Really feel that nA single of these Names can Genuinely capture the themes of the novel. Firstly, the Name
"LegFinish of the Whitened Head of haired Maiden" leaves out the Term "Mo" (demonic) which exists in the Authentic Chinese language program Name. This is EUniquely Significant as "Bai Fa" is in Big Component a Loss about the character Yu
Luo Cha. It is Significant to recognize the stigmatism that she receives and to tease out the irony in This kind of labels as "Beneficial" and "Bad". As Liang Stages out in his introductory poem: Who is Definitely the demonic
A single? He asks the Visitors to judge for On their own. Therefore, in my translation, I've opted for the Name "LegFinish of the Whitened Head of haired DemA singless" in Purchase to Stay closer to the novel's Authentic Name and

I Wish you will Get pleaCertain from this novel as Very much as I Do. Possibly you will Drop in Adore with the characters as I Do, and WishTotaly Yu Luo Cha can be as Unforgettable a character for you, as it was for me. You perhaps
May possibly not even like somebody This kind of as Yu Luo Cha Quite Very much (and in all hA singlesty, she is a Quite flawed Particular person), but I'm Certain that you can't deny the Actuality that she is as Wang Zhao Xi says, "an extraordinary