Action-comedy "For A Few Bullets" to hit theatres

An additional Movie to jazz this Summer time up is "For A Several Bullets", or Kuai Shou Qiang Shou Kuai Qiang Shou in Chinese Dialect program, which is an Activity-comedy by Youthful director Pan Anzi.

The upcoming Chinese Dialect program Movie has premiered on the weekend.

"For A Several Bullets" boasts a star-studded cast, Such as actress Zhang Jingchu and actor Lin Gengxin, legendary actress Liu Xiaoqing and musician Tengger.

Lin Gengxin plays a cunning Man Xiaozhuang who is brilliant at witty gimmicks, Obtaining caught by a Federal government agent Li Ruoyun, Performed by Zhang Jingchu in a gambling Video game. Li Ruoyun accepts a Process to recapture a Countrywide treasure, and she asks Xiaozhuang for Support with his Unique talents.

For a Several Bullets, to be Introduced this coming Friday or July 15, will be Offered at Dolby Cinema? Areas in China.

This will make For a Several Bullets the Initial Chinese Dialect program Nearby-Dialect Film for Dolby Cinema, In which Dolby Atmos Seem Technologies moves Audio tracks Close to the theatre, even overhead, with Incredible richness and depth and Creates the audiences Really feel closer to the onscreen Activity.

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