Actor Leon Dai under fire for 'Taiwan independence'

Taiwan actor Leon Dai has been fiercely criticized on the Chinese language mainland Lately Because of to the accusation that he is a "Taiwan Self-sufficiency" advocate, which he denied but has Currently Price him Various upcoming
Movies and Possibly his Profession on the mainland.

Chinese language actress and director Zhao Wei has cast Dai in the Top PArtwork of her 2nd directorial Function "No Other Adore". But as the cast Had been revealed on Zhao's Weibo account in April, Web Customers Began to
complain about the casting of Dai and Mizuhara Kiko; the Previous was accused of Assistanceing Taiwan Self-sufficiency Although the latter was accused of Getting anti-China.

Zhao ignored the Web Audio and went on with the Manufacturing. The Movie wrapped up Movieing on June 27 Although the contrMore thansies Began to Accomplish a climax.

Hundreds of angry voices StArtworked to Produce a boycott of the Movie Although the Standard accounts of Dai and "No Other Adore" on Weibo Each issued Claims on June 30 denying that he is a "Taiwan Self-sufficiency"
advocate and accUtilizing some Web Customers of spreading Phony rumors.

But the Claims didn't quiet Cutting the widespread doubts. Internet Customers collected Proof This kind of as Display grabs of Dai's facebook account and Reviews from other Mass media outlets, which Obviously showed that Dai
Experienced Proven his Assistance for Taiwan's Sunflower College student Movements and for the illegal Occupy Middle movement in Hong Kong, as Properly as Assistance for some Artwork Shows backed by the exiled cult Identified as the
Falun Gong.

Later on, the Communist Youth League joined the Battle on July 6 Utilizing its Personal Web-site and Interpersonal Mass media to criticize Zhao More than Dai's alleged Assistance for Taiwan Self-sufficiency, which intensified the criticism.

On July 14, the Army newspaper China's Nationwide Defend Information also reported the contrMore thansy and Additional an editorial comment saying the national emotion is inviolable and any Functions to Harm the national
emotion will be protested and boycotted, "Artworks have no Limitations, but Artworkists have nationality and Should certainly respect Community Emotions and a moral Foundation, and Getting patriotic is a Fundamental ethic."

The Following Morning, the Movie studio apologized to the Community for not Executing Sufficient Foundation checks and announced they will replace Dai in the Movie as the actor Continues to be vague Concerning Various doubts raised by
Web Customers, which angered the Movie's director and Traders, Which include Alibaba Pics Team, China Film Team, Cheerland Leisure and Pulin Production.

Director Zhao Wei also apologized and reiterated her patriotism.

Actress and Type Mizuhara Kiko Unveiled a Movie apologizing to the Chinese language Community. She is no Extended Connected with Zhao's Movie.

Dai later Released a Prolonged Assertion expressing his regret of the contrMore thansy and Assistance for replacing him in the Movie. But he Nonetheless maintained that he was Certainly not an advocate for "Taiwan Independence" and has
Certainly not joined any political pArtworkies.

It will be Large blow to the Movie "No Other Adore" as the Movie was Intended to go into Article-Manufacturing. The Movie May perhaps be re-shot and it will Price a Wonderful Quantity of Dollars.

Dai's appearances in other Movies will also be Impacted. His cameo for the mainland-Taiwan co-Developed romantic Movie "At Cafe 6," directed by Teng-jing Shu, Arranged for Launch on July 29 on the Chinese language mainland,
was Totally deleted. "Peaceful Island," One more Movie he stars in and was Initially Intended to debut on the mainland on July 29, has scrapped its Launch Day.

Final Dec, Ma Xiaoguang, the spokesman for the Think Council Taiwan Affairs Business office, stated that China would Certainly not Permit for the Ongoing Assistance of All those who Created Dollars in the mainland but at the Very same
time also Assistanceed separatist Actions This kind of as advocating "Taiwan Independence" and ruining Romantic relationship Throughout the Strait.

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