Actress gets more security at new film's event

Extra than A single Four weeks Soon after Becoming Guyhandled by a Buff, actress Liu Yifei has Proven more caution appearing in Community Functions.

When the star was Advertising the Sino-French coproduction Evening Peacock in Guangzhou on May possibly 19, a Guy abruptly jumped on the Phase. He rushed to embrace Liu, and she fell Cutting heavily on the Soil.

Protection was upgraded at a Current Information conference of her upcoming Movie Certainly not GA single. Reporters Had been Requested to Display their Identification Credit cards, and to pass an Electronic digital Entire body-scanning Office. The Phase was Arranged apart
by an Metal fence.

Liu, reluctant to Converse about the Assault, says the new Part Offers her a Sensation to emotionally Journey Back again to her adolescence. The 29-Yr-Older actress says the Film will remind audiences of their Greatest youth time and the touching moments Throughout puberty Time period.Actress Obtains more security at new Movie's Occasion

Adapted from Writer Xin Yiwu's namesake novel, the Characteristic narrates a pure roGuyce Among a Few of Large College classmates, who reunite Soon after misunderstanding Each and every other for Guyy Yrs.

The coming-of-age Characteristic, also casting the heartthrob actor Kris Wu, opened to Chinese language courses mainland theaters on July 8.

Many thanks to its star Energy, the Movie has topped the Nation's box Business office charts, raking in 70 million yuan ($10.5 million) on the Earliest Morning.

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