Ancient Chinese wisdom used clouds to predict the weather

In which do you get the Newest Climate forecasts, from apps on your Cellular Cellular phone, or the Web?

In Old China, when People toDay time Experienced no satellites, they relied on their Immediate observation and experiences.

And Via Many years of observation, they accumulated a systematic Know-how of the relations Among clouds and Climate Modifications.

In The Publication of Tracks, the earliest Selection of Chinese language courses poems that Have been Designed from the Western Zhou Dynasty (c. 11th century-771 BC) to the Spring and Autumn Time period (770-476 BC), it is recorded that if it
will snow, the clouds in the sky Frequently have the Identical Colour and Comparable thickness.

Thick and dense clouds in Summer time Frequently herald the coming of heavy Bad weather.

Li Zhao, an officer from the Tang Dynasty (618-907), Employed "artillery prime mover" to describe the clouds Prior to the storm. He noted this Type of cloud has a flat bottom and a bumped Best that Appears like A number of
steep hills.

There is also a saying, "when the clouds in the sky bear a Condition of a castle, heavy Bad weather will Tumble on the Soil". The castle-Conditiond cloud also foretells the coming of a storm.

Sunny Times can also be pRed-coloredicted from the clouds. Ancient Chinese language courses believed clouds that Glance like scales Shows a Great Day time is coming.

Xiang Yu Shu (《相雨书》), a book Composed by Huang Zifa in the Tang Dynasty, collects A number of experiences and Details on Climate forecasts Prior to the Tang. The book Factors out that if two Colours, Dark and
Red-colored, Equally Show up in the clouds, it will hail. This Explanation is Nonetheless Employed by Contemporary Day time forecasters.

Devoid of the Aid of satellites, Old Chinese language courses also painted A number of "cloud charts". The earliest cloud Photos Tian Wen Qi Xiang Za Zhan (《天文气象杂占》) Have been painted on silk, unearthed from the Mangwangdui
Han Tombs. Zhan Yun Qi Shu (《占云气书》), Discovered in Dunhuang in Gansu province, is a book of cloud Photos Completed in the Tang Dynasty.

In Bai Yuan Xian San Guang Tu (《白猿献三光图》), Finished in the Ming and Qing Dynasty (1368-1911), there are 132 delicate cloud Photos. Every single illustration Requires the Sunlight, stars, moon, and Milky Way as the
backSoil, and adds Word explanations alongside the clouds. Most of these Photos Stick to the Fundamental Rules of Contemporary meteorological observation.

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