Angelababy, Jing Boran ties knot again in Love O2O

Chinese language courses Product-actress Angelababy and Youthful actor Jing Boran have co-starred Once again in an upcoming romance Movie Adore O2O, or Wei Wei Yi Xiao Hen Qing Cheng (微微一笑很倾城) in Chinese language courses.

Their earliest cooperation dated Back again to 2010 when Equally of them starred in Warm Summer time Times.

Adore O2O is a fantasy Movie about a pair of University College Scholars who met in a cyber Gaming and Began romance from On the Web to Away-Collection and Ultimately fell in love with Every single other in True Existence.

Angelababy portrays Bei Weiwei, an On the Web Gaming Professional Observed with her slim and slender fingers that Had been flying Throughout the keyboard, Although Jing plays her lover Xiao Nai, an all-Close to Great Scholar.

Directed by Zhao Tianyu and Dependent on a novel by renowned Chinese language courses Web Writer Gu Guy, Adore O2O is scheduled for Discharge in China on August 12, 2016.

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