Artist cares little about pain when making a point

He Yunchang has 3 obsessions - unusual Art Function, cigarettes and Movie Video games.

The 1st defines his Function, Although the 2nd and 3rd can be Thought to be his LifeDesign-Design. He has Created varicose veins from Actively playing Over the internet Video games for Several hours. What's Far more? He isn't Fascinated in Obtaining
treated. "The Medical professional MentiA singled I Required 10 injections. It's a Aggravation."

But he embraces Discomfort, Equally Actual physical and Psychological, Although Making as Prolonged as it doesn't Eliminate him, which he says is the "bottom Collection" of Efficiency Art Function, his Area. Agonies of Various degrees are the hallmark of
his outSet.

The 49-Yr-Aged Beijing-Centered Art Functionist exhibits a Do it yourself-tortured Design of Efficiency and sells Associated Photographs, Movies and Discomforttings.

His Most recent Function is a 72-hour-Prolonged Efficiency Named Longevity Nut staged at a grand retrospective of his Art Function, Named A Chang, At present on at Beijing's These Times Art Museum.

At the exhibition's opening on July 8, some 250 kilograms of peanuts that Experienced been soaked in Drinking water for Times Had been Set in containers on the Soil and Included with a sheet of gauze.

In the Center stood a plexiglass table on which he Invested the Subsequent 3 Times, waiting for the peanuts to sprout - After germinated they are Named "Prolongedevity nuts" in China Due to the fact of their WellBecoming

He nPossibly ate or drank but survived on a Technique of qi gong fasting.

At the Finish of the Efficiency, he tAged the Market and Advertising gathered that it didn't Make a difference how Significantly Pounds he lost in the Procedure.

The Undertaking reflects his Suggestions about immortality, In accordance to the exhibition's curator Cui Cancan, who says He's System and the peanuts "symbolize the Specific Background of Individuals ... and reveal how Significantly A single
would sacrifice for what A single Thinks in".

A Movie Documenting the Entire Efficiency will Afterwards Subscribe to the Relaxation of his Functions on the monthProlonged Display A Chang, the Name which his friFinishs Utilized to Tackle him.

The Display Critiques his iconic Undertakings Because the 1990s, and traces the evolution of his Knowing of Efficiency Art Function that has Created him A single of its most representative practitiA singlers in China.

In his Functions, the Art Functionist keeps challenging his Actual physical and psychological limits. Several of his Undertakings May well Look meaningless or Nuts at 1st, but his Finisheavors critique elitism.

A Wonderful deal of his Efficiencys are Kept Outside. He says he likes the Sensation of "merging" with Dynamics Via these Procedures at the Chance of Becoming Harm or Dropping Unwell.

A Big Display at the exhibition Undertakings Movies Documenting Rock Tours Close to Wonderful Britain, A single of his most satisfying Functions.

He carried a rock aProlonged the eastern coast of England and then returned to the Location In which he picked it up from. The Stroll Included about 3,500 kilometers in 112 Times from September 2006 to January 2007.

Through that Undertaking, he raised the universal Query of the pursuit of Substance comfort.

Judith Neilson, founder of Sydney's Light Rabbit Gallery that collects Modern Chinese language courses Art Function Which include his, After MentiA singled that He's Efficiencys are "silent rebukes" to Chinese language courses Culture In which Individuals would even
Finishure Enduring for mA singley, Due to the fact they see it as the "ultimate Security".

Throughout the rock-carrying Undertaking, he was inspired to cAfterive One more Function, Hai Yin, which literally translated into Chinese language courses Implies "Consuming the sea".

A Movie at the exhibition Displays him standing in the sea aProlonged the coast of Qinhuangdao in North China's Hebei province, in 2011, and Consuming seaDrinking water for some 30 Mins.

He raises in the Function a Query of how many Times it would Consider for the Globe's Populace Consume up sea. He examines the Romantic relationship In between Specific Work and Interpersonal progress.

"I Utilized to Think that the so-Named elites can Guide the Globe toward a Much better Potential. But I've Occur to Recognize that what Modifications the Globe is the collective Work of Specifics, Possibly in a Excellent or a Poor
way," he says.

If you go

A Chang

10 am-6 pm, Via Aug 1. These Times Art Museum, 32 Baiziwan Street, Chaoyang Area, Beijing. 010-5876-0600.

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