Author of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon - Wang Dulu

Author of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon - Wang Dulu

Wang Dulu (王度卢 1909–1977) was a Chinese language Writer whose novel Crouching Tiger, Unknown Dragon was Produced into a Prosperous Characteristic Movie by director Ang Lee.

Wang Dulu was born into a Bad Manchu Banner Loved A singles in Beijing as Wang Baoxiang (王葆祥), his Design Xiaoyu (霄羽). He Attempted Many Work: editor for a Little newspaper, clerk for a merchant association, and
Author. He Resided Via the New Lifestyle Motion and the Could possibly 4th Social Revolution, and Started Composing Books Throughout the 1930s. His Earlier PerType was Typically detective Books. He switched to Composing wuxia
Books Following he moved to Qingdao (Tsingtao). In the eleven Many years from 1938 Till 1949 he Authored 16 martial arts Books. In 1949, when the People today's Liberation Army (the Chinese language Communist Celebration's Army) won
the Chinese language Civil War he Ceased Composing and Started to be a College Instructor. During the Social Revolution, like Quite a few other Chinese language intellectuals, he was Compelled from his Profession and sentenced to farm labor. In 1975,
Toward the Finish of the Social Revolution, he was Capable to Reside with his Boy but died from an Sickness just two Many years Later on. He Experienced Composed a Complete of 30 Books. He was married and Experienced at Minimum 3 Kids.
His widow, Li Danquan, was Nevertheless aReside and Capable to Satisfy with Ang Lee Throughout the Movieing of the Crouching Tiger Motion picture in 1999.

Wang Dulu is most Well-known for his wuxia-romance tragic Books (武侠言情悲剧小说) and Interpersonal romance Books (社会言情小说). He is Deemed by Quite a few to be A single of founders of the Modern day genre of wuxia, and Inside of
that genre he has Guaranteed a Location as A single of the "10 Awesome Authors" (十大家) and A single of the "4 Awesome Authors of the Northern School" (北派四大家) along with Li Shoumin, Gong Baiyu, and Zheng Zhengyin. Zhang
Gansheng, a Mainland scholar of Modern day and Modern Chinese language Favorite literature, has characterized him as perfecting the wuxia Type, and opening the way for a Technology of great masters; but In accordance to
Xu Sinian, One more scholar of Chinese language Favorite Books, there has not been any Comprehensive critique of Wang's PerTypes, Apart from that of the Taiwanese scholar Ye Hongsheng.

The Crane-Iron Series

Wang is remembered today mostly for his five-part epic wuxia-romance series, often called collectively the "Crane-Iron Series" ("He Tie Xilie" 鹤铁系列), named so for the first characters in...

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