Bestseller writer announces entertainment development

Chinese language bestseller Author Nan Pai San Shu, who Authored the Well-known Grave Robbers' Chronicle or Dao Mu Bi Ji in Chinese language, has Lately announced his Firm has an all-Circular Growth Program in Each Movie and Television productions.

From an upcoming adventure Movie Time Raiders to a newly-Developed Television drama The Mystic Nine, Nan Pai San Shu Exhibits how he Extendes his versatility from just a bestselling Writer to mixing and mashing his intellectual Home for Enjoyment.

"Throughout the Procedure of splitting and mixing of an IP, I Believe the most Significant Concern for the Authentic Writer and his or her Group is Getting a sustainable Capability to Carry on Imaginative Functions. This way, an IP May well Develop More powerful with vigor. Centered on this Believeing, my Group Employed these 3 Chinese language characters "Outdated Nine Gates" to Start a Entirely new Tale based on my Earlier grave robbers' Tales. Ultimately it turned out to be a Achievement."

Lao Jiu Guys, literally translated into The Mystic Nine in English, has been adapted to a Television Sequence with a new 48-episode Purchase, which just Grew to Come to be Each Offered on Dragon Television and On-line Movie Program iQiyi Beginning from July 4th.

Starring Hong Kong singer and actor William Chan Wai-ting and Famous actress Zhao Liying from the mainland, The Mystic Nine tells a Tale on a Party of nine patriots Functioning closely in their Battle In opposition to the Japanese invaders by Utilizing treasures Invisible in mines.

And In accordance to Nan Pai San Shu, the Mystic Nine, which Started to Oxygen on July 4th has Come to be a Warm Strike On-line. After, directed by Hong Kong Movie director, screenAuthor Daniel Lee Yan-Kong, the Movie Time Raiders adapted from his Grave Robbers' Chronicle is scheduled to Strike theatres on August 5th.

In Add-on to Movie and Television productions, Nan Pai San Shu also vows to Carry on his adaptation of the novel Additional into a cyber Gaming and a Phase Perform.

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