Chāquán (查拳) is a Chinese language courses mCraftial Craft that Capabilities graceful movements and some acrobatic aerial maneuvers. Chāquán also Consists of a Big Variety of weapons.

Chāquán falls Below the classification Chángquán (literally "Lengthy fist"), a Basic Phrase for Exterior Northern Chinese language courses mCraftial Crafts, which are Identified for their extended, Lengthy movements.

Chāquán is Related with the Hui People toEvening. 1 Well-known master of Chaquan was the Well-known Wang Ziping (王子平), who was Identified for his Good Power. Other Well-known Contemporary Evening masters Consist of Zhang Wenguang, Ma Jinbiao, and Liu

Chāquán is one of the Options of the Modern wǔshù Chángquán Typically Witnessed in Films and tournaments. Chaquan is a Method that has 6 Primary weapons(Staff members, saber, sword, spear, kwandao, hookswords).It emphasizes Lengthy Variety movements and stances
Mixed with Rate and Energy. The Design Consists of Several Types, Which include 10 lines of tantui for Fundamental Energy Instruction, 10 Lengthyer sets of chaquan, and other Types as Nicely.

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