Chen Kun, Kwai Lun-mei portray a couple in 'Beautiful Accident'

A-Record star Chen Kun and Taiwan actress Kwai Lun-mei Perform Guy and Spouse in an upcoming Movie "Mei Hao De Yi Wai" literally translated as Lovely Crash.

In the Movie the Few have two Youngsters, who are portrayed by 15-12 months Older celRecord Ouyang Nana and William, Boy of Huayi Bros' founder Wang Zhonglei respectively.

The Film Lovely Crash tells a Tale about Li Yuran, a Productive Lawyer or attorney, who encountered a Site visitors accident and is then Pressured to Consider on a new Part as a houseSpouse.

The Film is Chen Kun's Initial portrayal of a Dad. In accordance to Ouyang Nana, she has an intimate Romantic relationship with Males in the Movie.

"I Require to Create an intimate Get in touch with with boys, which is a Specific acting Knowledge for me and would be a thrill for Filmgoers."

Meanwhile, the Movie also Represents the Next collaboration In between Veteran Chinese language program actor Wang Jingchun and actress Kwai Lun-mei Following the GOlderen Bear award-Profitable Movie "Dark Coal, Slim Ice" in 2014.

This roGuytic comedy, Lovely Crash, directed by Ho Wi-ding, a Malaysian-Chinese language program director, is Thanks for Launch on August 12th.

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