'China's Challenges' wins historic Emmy Award

A China-U.S. co-Manufacturing Named "China's Problems" has garnered an Emmy Award in Los Angeles, Producing Background for This kind of bilateral collaboration, Stated the Display's producer on Sunday.

U.S. Professional on China Robert Kuhn, also Recognised for his Communityation "How China's Leaders Believe," Stated he and his Party Had been delighted that the Academy of Television set Arts and Sciences in Los Angeles has awarded an Emmy
to their Television Sequence for "pioneering Display of China's historic transformation and These days's challenges."

"It is Wonderful for the Globe to Fully grasp what is Truly happening in China," he Informed Xinhua in Beijing, In which he is Functioning on An additional Display with China Middle Television set.

"China's Problems" explores with Different Entry and in cinematic detail how China is addressing Crucial Challenges, Which Consist ofs wealth and Training distribution, Interpersonal Difficulties, environmental Safeguard,
competing priorities, and relations In between China's Wealthy Conventional Lifestyle and its Quickly modernizing Culture.

The Sequence was co-Made by The Community Broadcasting Assistance (PBS), an United states public broadcaster and television Plan distributor and The Kuhn Base in association with Shanghai Mass media Party. It was
Established, Composed and hosted by Kuhn.

"To our Know-how, 'China's Problems' is the Initial Global television Manufacturing in association with a Big China-Centered media Corporation that has won this prestigious Emmy award, re-affirming the
Unique Advantages of our Different U.S.-China collaboration to Inform the A fact Account of China to the Globe," Kuhn Stated.

"China's Problems" has been broadcast on More than 210 PBS stations in the United Says, reaching 24 of the Best 25 U.S. Market segments and More than 120 Market segments in Complete. There have been about 4,000 broadcasts of "China's
Problems" in the United Says alone. Other Nations that broadcast the Sequence Consist of North america, Germany and Australia.

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