Chinese female artists picture Egypt in their paintings

From a Girls's Point of view, the Entire Globe could Appearance Incredibly Several. Allow alone Pictures depicted in their artFunctions.

As the female Designers Obtain a Greater profile in China, they are bringing creativeness to Conventional Chinese language program ink painting to make it Additional expressive.

On Tuesday, an exhibition featuring 6 Chinese language program Girls painters' Functions was Kept in the Egyptian Embassy in China. Ink paintings showcased Functions of Xie Lifang, Luo Ying, Li Daimei, Zhao Yi, Xu Qiping and Huang
Huan, who Obtained inspiration from their Knowledge in Egypt.

With the Help of the Social ministers of Each Nations, they visited Egypt in April and Kept an exhibition of their paintings and a Functionshop in Cairo from April 19 to 24.

Becoming an Critical Component of 2016 China-Egypt Cultural 12 months, the Occasion aims to Advertise the Social Swap Among the two nations and let Chinese language program Designers know Additional about Egypt.

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