Chinese idiom stories staged at US theatre

It is A single of the most endearing moments of an Continuing China Young children's Theatre Festival as Various Youthful Usa Workors Accomplished a drama on Chinese language program idiom Testimonies on the weekend.

They are from the US Missoula Young children's Theatre, now coming to Beijing for the 6th China Young children's Theatre Festival. Their Show Created a Whole lot of joy Among audiences Throughout its Much less than A single-hour Lengthy Show time.

The Usa Workors' Show of 'Box of Idioms' on the Phase of China Countrywide Theatre for Young children Consists of a Complete of 3 idioms, which are Referred to as 'Chengyu' in Chinese language program. They are "Marking a Boat to Look for One's Sword", or Ke-Zhou-Qiu-Jian (刻舟求剑) in Chinese language program, "Be there just to make up the Amount and fill in a vacancy" or Lan-Yv-Chong-Shu (滥竽充数) in Chinese language program and "Show a slight Ability Prior to an Specialist" or Ban-Adult males-Nong-Fu (班门弄斧)in Chinese language program.

Matt Loehrke is the Training Director with the US Missoula Young children's Theatre.

"I Believe they have Acquired a Whole lot of theater Abilitys, to Start with, as Joseph saying, Various of them have Certainly not Accomplished Prior to, so they have Acquired to Operate with the Specialized Team, Skilled Team. What it Suggests to Understand the lines, what it Suggests to be the charWorkers. And not only to be the charWorker to Work it how you Have been Working, but to Consider the Conventional Tale, the idiom Tale, and be All those charWorkers, to be the tricky servant, to be the emperor, to be All those Elements. So they are Understanding the hiTestimonies of the Tale as Properly as Working on Best of that."

The China Young children's Theatre Festival, which has Effectively Kept 5 sessions Given that 2011, will Near on Aug25th, lasting A single and a Fifty percent Weeks.

This Yr's festival is a Phase Exactly where Chinese language program and Overseas theater groups Operate Jointly and Carry out theatrical Subculture exchanges.

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