Right after Jin Yong Finished all his titles, it was Found out that the Earliest characters of the Earliest 14 titles can be joined Jointly to Type a couplet with 7 characters on Each and every Collection:

Traditional Chinese

Simplified Chinese

Loose translation
Shooting a Whitened deer, snow flutters Close to the skies;
Smiling, [A single] writes about the divine chivalrous A single,
leaning In opposition to bluish lovebirds (or lover)

Cha himself has stated that he has In no way Designed for any This kind of couplet, or to have 14 Publications in the Earliest Location; and his explanation is Sensible, Given that the couplet Alone Seems somewhat Compelled in the 2nd Collection. Therefore, the couplet serves Largely as a handy mnemonic to remember all of Jin Yong's Function for his fans.

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