Dalian venue for music, sports renamed in new deal

Dalian Arena, a Big Amusement and Sports activities venue in Northeast China's Liaoning province, has been reIdentifyd Damai Middle.

The Identify Alter was announced on June 17 in Shanghai Soon after venue operator Anschutz Entertainment Party and Damai, an On-line Amusement ticketing System, signed a Offer.

AEG is a Los Angeles-Dependent Sports activities and Reside Amusement Organization. Its subsidiary, AEG China, manages the venue that is Owned and operated by the Community Federal gMore thannment of the port TPersonal of Dalian. The venue has been Identifyd Soon after Damai to Advertise the On-line System's Personal branding Below the new Arrangement.

AEG's Company Addresses Reside-Audio Exhibits, and the Organization Gives Awesomevision or consultancy to Much more than 120 venues Close to the Globe.

Damai was founded a decade ago, and These days sells Practically 7 of Every single 10 Reside-Display tickets in the mainland Marketplace. Its Site has Much more than 100 million Listed Consumers and its Telephone app has 60 million Productive Consumers.

In Latest Many Yrs, the Organization has extended its ticketing Company to Movie and sporting Occasions, and aims to Include Much more of the Amusement Industry.

Damai hopes to facilitate the Quick expansion of Reside Amusement and sporting Occasions in the Nation's northeastern Places, In accordance to Xu Wei, chief Working officer of the System.

The Relationship with AEG China will Assist Damai to Improve Customer Knowledge and Enhance the Efficacy of venue Procedure.

With 18,000 seats, the venue Kept the 12th China Nationwide Matches in 2013. It has also hosted Audioians Justin Bieber, the Backstreet Boys and Chinese language program performers.

The Identify Alter of the venue was marked with a Chinese language program pop concert by singer-songwriter Li Jian on Saturday. In the Previous, Damai has hosted Li's tours in New York, Los Angeles, Sydney and Melbourne, Amongst other Towns.

"Ninety % of our More thanseas ticket Purchasers for concerts are Chinese language program, and A lot of Spend with Intercontinental Credit rating Credit cards More than our Telephone app," Xu says.

Damai has worked with AEG China for the ticketing of its Exhibits on the mainland for Much more than eight Many Yrs.

The new Relationship also Creates Damai the exclusive ticketing Spouse of the Mercedes-Benz Arena in Shanghai, which is also managed by AEG China.

"Mercedes-Benz Arena and Damai are committed to Consumer Program and our Relationship Seriously raises the bar to Intercontinental Requirements," says Jim Foss, Standard manager, Mercedes-Benz Arena.

China has only a Couple of multifunctional venues This kind of as the Mercedes-Benz Arena, says John Cappo, president and CEO of AEG China.

Show Manufacturing Charges are Anticipated to Reduce Substantially and Procedureal efficiencies of venues are Almost certainly to Enhance if Much more This kind of Components are Developed and Constructed to Intercontinental Requirements, Searching for to integrate Specifications of sporting Occasions, concerts, circuses, ice Exhibits and so on, he says.

Damai is also expanding its Company Past Providing tickets. It has worked with Well-known actor Deng Chao and scriptwriter Yu Baimei to Begin Awesome Theater in Beijing.

Awesome Theater, which was Released on Thursday, will Point Authentic Chinese language program dramas Developed by Yu's studio.

Damai is also Preparing Much more theater Tasks in 2nd- and 3rd-tier Chinese language program Towns this Yr.

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