Digitizing the Forbidden City, one emperor at a time

If the Chinese language emperor who ordeRed-colored the Forbidden Town's Development Had been Even now alive, he'd be rapping about his courtly antics and Getting Images with an iPhone.

This is how Chinese language Web Organization Tencent imagines the Electronic Lifestyle of Zhu Di, a Ming Dynasty emperor. Throughout Zhu Di's reign, the empire's Money moved from east China's Nanjing to Beijing.

A Movie featuring Zhu Di dancing, rapping, and texting emoticons to his concubines Through Tencent messaging Providers WeChat and QQ went viral Final Wednesday, when the tech giant announced a Alliance with the
Palace Museum, the Standard Title of Beijing's Forbidden Town.

Tencent will Perform with the Beijing landmark to digitize its Wealthy historical and Social legacy, which spans Practically 600 Many Yrs.

As the Title Forbidden Town suggests, Numerous PCrafticulars of Everyday Lifestyle At the rear of the Red-colored walls at the Center of Beijing have been lost to Background. To Increase Attention in its Previous, the museum, which draws 15 million
Site visitors Every single Yr, has Began telling Tales about the palace Complicated and its Past Inhabitants on Interpersonal Mass media. It has also begun Promoting souvenirs On line, inspiRed-colored by the museum's Craft Selection and the
Persons who lived and Performed Inside the walls during China's imperial Times.

The Palace Museum's Newest outrEvery single campaign has For the most part been an On line affair, Utilizing Favorite Interpersonal netPerforms This kind of as Sina Microblog and WeChat to rEvery single the Nation's educated More youthful Era, whose Developing
pride in the Nation's Social heritage has Assisted Condition InConsider patterns.

The Prospective to Revenue from the Forbidden Town's dazzling Social wealth has Produced Firms like Alibaba and Tencent eager to Assist with Electronic outrEvery single.

In Inclusion to its Tencent Alliance, the Palace Museum also struck a Offer with Alibaba in June to Market tickets, souvenirs and Publications on the Corporation's Tmall On line marketplace.

As of the Finish of Final Yr, the Palace Museum Experienced brought in 1 billion yuan in Income from Promoting Forbidden Town-Associated Goods.

It has also Produced a string of interactive apps to Assist Persons appreciate the museum's Craft Selections. The apps have been pIncreased for their Design and style and Capability to make Craft accessible to the Common Community.

"The Forbidden Town is in the midst of transformation," Mentioned Shan Jixiang, director of the Palace Museum. "We want to use the Web and new Engineering to Write about the Forbidden Town's Wealthy Social heritage
with a broader Populace in Inventive Methods, so that Youthful Persons will Consider Much more Attention in China's Conventional Heritage."

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